Angelina Jolie Banned George Clooney From Being Friends With Jennifer Aniston During Brad Pitt Marriage?

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Jennifer Aniston George Clooney Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

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One of this week’s tabloid claims that when Angelina Jolie was still with Brad Pitt, the actress banned George Clooney from being friends with Jennifer Aniston. Gossip Cop can debunk this ridiculous premise. It’s provably false.

Last week, Aniston visited Clooney’s Lake Como estate, but according to Woman’s Day, the two hadn’t socialized since 2005 because the actor didn’t want to upset Jolie when she and Pitt got together. The magazine claims Clooney was “under strict instructions” from the actress not to associate with Aniston, who agreed to cut ties to avoid awkwardness.

“It was a horrible situation for both of them because they have always gotten along famously and missed each other’s company,” an alleged source tells the magazine. “But they always hoped things could change and they’d get the chance to hang out again.”

There’s not a shred of truth to any of this. E! News recently published an article detailing the history of Clooney and Aniston’s friendship, which persevered during the time Pitt left the actress for Jolie. The two met in the ‘90s while they were starring on the NBC shows “Friends” and “ER,” and have stayed close ever since. Clooney produced the actress’s 2005 movie Rumor Has It, which was recently nearly a year after she and Pitt separated. Clooney and Aniston were also photographed embracing on the red carpet at the 2006 Oscars.

In 2012, Aniston and Justin Theroux vacationed in Swizterland with Clooney and then-girlfriend Stacy Keibler. The following year, the estranged spouses attended a private dinner hosted by the actor in Cabo San Lucas. In 2014, the same year Pitt and Jolie got married, Aniston and Theroux attended an event in Mexico for Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila label. In its article chronicling their enduring friendship, E! notes, “Clooney and Aniston have managed to remain chums through it all, through hit shows and career highs and lows, through divorces and marriages, breakups and shake-ups.”

Meanwhile, Aniston honored Clooney at his AFI Life Achievement Award gala in June. It’s unlikely the actress would have been invited to celebrate a person she wasn’t allowed to speak to for 13 years. Regardless, there’s clear proof that the actor and actress not only stayed in touch over the years, but also spent a lot of time together. It seems Woman’s Day decided to make up a false narrative simply because Aniston visited her friend in Italy last week.

Conclusion: Since 2005, Aniston and Clooney have worked together, traveled together and attended various functions together. It’s clear that Jolie never forced him to snub the actress, nor did his friendship with Pitt affect his relationship with Aniston. Gossip Cop can confirm that the magazine’s premise is completely fabricated.

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Angelina Jolie banned George Clooney from being friends with Jennifer Aniston while she was married to Brad Pitt.


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