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Angelina Jolie is not "furious" George and Amal Clooney have supposedly taken Brad Pitt's side amidst their "nasty split," despite a claim. A Jolie family source also denies she's in any kind of feud with Amal. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

According to Celebrity Insider, Jolie is "furious that George and Amal Clooney took Pitt's side in the breakup," and "not only does Jolie feel like Hollywood is turning against her, but she also thinks Amal is stealing her limelight in the humanitarian world." Without evidence, the site alleges that after Jolie filed for divorce nearly two years ago, the Clooneys "publicly sided" with Pitt. Also without proof, the blog maintains the actress has become "increasingly jealous of Clooney's wife."

The website points to a recent Page Six story, contending, "Jolie believes Amal is slowing taking over as the world's best humanitarian, despite her constant efforts to remain on top." The online publication even maintains Jolie is "obsessing" over Amal. Still, no specifics are given to substantiate these claims, although after reciting some of the human rights lawyer's accomplishments, Celebrity Insider editorializes, "With a resume like that, it isn't a mystery why Jolie is starting to get jealous."

There is a noticeable misrepresentation, if not outright factual error, with the site saying Amal "recently launched a charitable organization of her own called the Clooney Foundation." The Clooney Foundation for Justice was actually co-founded by Amal and George, and per the official CFJ website, it was "established in late 2016." That's not exactly "recent" at this point.

The blog is right when it notes that "Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney have not commented on the rumors surrounding their feud." In fact, there has never been tangible proof that a feud actually exists. Now a Jolie family source tells Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity that the allegations are "without merit and there's nothing to it." The insider also acknowledges that Jolie has bigger things to concentrate on these days than Amal Clooney.

As has been widely reported, Jolie and Pitt are locked in a legal war over custody of their six children. As this timeline of the Jolie-Pitt divorce battle explains, tensions increased significantly this month as the stars' lawyers filed dueling documents about child support. Since the separation, Pitt has been seeking joint custody, while Jolie has wanted primary, if not sole, custody.

Through various ups and downs in the process, the Clooneys have never explicitly offered an opinion, aside from George reacting to the initial divorce news. He said at the time, "That's a sad story and unfortunate for a family. It's an unfortunate story about a family. I feel very sorry to hear that." In the time since then, the Clooneys haven't seemed particularly close with either Jolie or Pitt. That makes these claims about the couple siding with one over the other, and Amal feuding with Jolie, all the more bizarre.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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