In yet another iteration of this tired story, a tabloid is claiming that Angelina Jolie is threatening to take full custody of her kids if Brad Pitt doesn't end things with Jennifer Aniston. The whole thing is complete and utter nonsense. Gossip Cop has debunked it many times over and will do so many times again.

According to Woman's Day, Jolie issued her ex-husband this ultimatum after seeing him back wit her "long-standing love rival Jennifer Aniston." The article appears next to a photo of Pitt that Aniston has clearly been photoshopped into. An "insider" claims that Jolie has "banned Brad from letting Jen hang out with the children until the divorce is finalised" and is now fighting for "a much bigger settlement" of possibly "$100 million or more. Brad describes it as a never-ending nightmare that he can't wake up from." Actually, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are officially divorced. It's their official custody agreement has yet to be established.

The tabloid then goes on for a while about how Jennifer Aniston has been Brad Pitt's "bright spark" and "tower of strength" amid this torture from Jolie. "Ange had hoped that by refusing to reach a settlement and making threats about the kids, she'd drive Brad and Jen apart," the questionable tipster continues. "But the funny thing is the total opposite has happened — it's actually brought them closer together."

Gossip Cop has debunked this story so many times before that it's difficult to know what else to say. We'll admit that it's an entertaining saga, in theory: The girl next door and the handsome heartthrob falling in love, only for that love to be ripped apart by the dangerous bad girl's siren song.

But reality is rarely so simple or so entertaining. Pitt isn't a victim of Jolie here: He left Aniston of his own free will and has opened up about how his struggles with alcoholism contributed to his divorce from Jolie.

Angelina Jolie's actions don't show her to be a villain either: She's a passionate mother and world-renowned defender of human rights, and reliable media outlets have reported that both exes are committed to finding a way to co-parent peacefully. Aniston and Pitt are friendly, but by all legitimate accounts, that's it. They're not interested in getting back together.

The real story is that Jolie and Pitt are still working out the details of a custody agreement which has followed a long, drawn-out and likely painful divorce process which the exes are committed to keeping private for as long as possible. But that just doesn't sell magazines, does it? And so the tabloids have to stick to their made-up version of events. It's a dead horse they just won't stop beating.

The idea that Angelina Jolie would use her children and the custody arrangement as a way to get back at Brad Pitt is an especially despicable but popular theme. In the past month alone, Gossip Cop has busted Life & Style for writing that Jolie was out to "destroy" Pitt by demanding full custody and that she "banned" Pitt from introducing Jennifer Aniston to the kids.

Woman's Day claimed that Brad Pitt was worried Angelina Jolie would move the kids to Africa to keep him from seeing them and that Jolie reignited her custody battle after his his "reunion" with Jennifer Aniston earlier in the year. At the same time, the Globe reported that Jolie was "forcing" Jennifer Aniston to testify against Pitt in that custody battle, while the National Enquirer alleged that Jolie was keeping Pitt from seeing the kids by creating scheduling conflicts. That was all in the past month alone.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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