Angelina Jolie Has “Eyes Set” On Ed Skrein Is Late And Wrong Story

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Angelina Jolie Ed Skrein Romance

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Angelina Jolie Ed Skrein Romance

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A story claiming Angelina Jolie has her “eyes set” on British actor Ed Skrein is late and wrong. Gossip Cop can set the record straight for the second time. As we already reported last week, the stars are coming together for Maleficent 2, but Jolie is not pursuing a romance with him.

This reheated bad dish is coming from New Idea, which alleges “history could be repeating itself” if Jolie falls for Skrein on set, much like she fell for Brad Pitt when they filmed Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The tabloid even asks in a headline in its latest issue, “Mr & Mrs Smith 2.0?” Such speculation is based on a debunked Star report, in which it was claimed Jolie “hand-picked” Skrein to co-star with her in the Maleficent sequel.

The magazine quotes a supposed “source” from the original article as saying, “Ange chose Ed because he’s young and gorgeous and has a perfect physique.” But after parroting the contentions and fueling rumors of potential relationship, the outlet then tries to throw cold water on it all by asserting that Jolie may be “left disappointed” because Skrein has said in the past that he’s “not really into hanging out with castmates” and prefers to stay in his hotel room when not on set.

But that didn’t stop the publication from spreading these romance allegations anyway, even announcing in a headline on its website on Tuesday, “Angelina Jolie has her eyes set on British actor Ed Skrein.” Had the tabloid done some more research it would’ve learned that this premise is untrue. The claims hinge on the idea that the Oscar winner wants to strike up a romantic relationship with her new colleague when it’s already been reliably reported that Jolie isn’t “interested in dating at all” right now.

People shared less than two months ago that the mom of six is “not seeing anyone and will not be” because she’s “most content to be with her kids.” Between balancing her family life and her career, Jolie simply isn’t focused on her love life right now. There’s no secret plan to pursue Skrein once production starts up. Yet New Idea is running these wrong allegations days after our debunking.

It is also worth remembering that this tabloid peddled provable lies earlier this year about Jolie being caught in a “hook-up” with Justin Theroux. Its stories are so off-base because the magazine does not have real insight. Gossip Cop must also note that the first iteration of this false narrative maintained Jolie wanted to flirt with Skrein to make Pitt jealous. As we explained in our bust last week, though, the estranged spouses are amicably negotiating their divorce and she has no reason at this time to try to antagonize the father of her children.


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