Does Angelina Jolie often forget to eat food? That was the premise behind a tabloid story from exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop reported it was wrong then, and now 12 months later it's clear the claim about her diet was and continues to be false.

On January 21, 2018, the Australian edition of OK! published a cover story asserting Jolie weighed only 77 pounds, and that was because eating was sometimes just an afterthought for her. A so-called "insider" was quoted as telling the publication, since the actress's life is nothing less than "chaos," Jolie will often "forget to eat." But to make sure she doesn't entirely starve, reported the outlet, Jolie would nibble on some "grapefruit and strawberries" and drink a few glasses of "hot water and lemon."

That said, the tabloid also alleged Jolie was purposely suppressing her appetite. In an effort to keep her weight down, a source insisted Jolie was "smoking [cigarettes] and drinking coffee," and was doing it before her kids woke up, so they wouldn't see her "pack-a-day habit." As a result of her supposedly consuming just a "few hundred calories" per day from fruit and beverages, maintained the magazine, Jolie's weight sunk to a "new low," causing her friends to worry.

Actually, before the magazine claimed Jolie subsisted on a diet of fruit, coffee, water, and cigarettes, and in the intervening year since then, she's been repeatedly photographed indulging in ice cream, as well as buying healthy food. In October 2017, for instance, Jolie was seen enjoying a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cone alone while Halloween shopping. And just a few months ago, the paparazzi also snapped Jolie and son Pax having ice cream together.

Additionally, far from living on a few lemons, strawberries and grapefruits, in August Jolie and her kids were photographed with lots of bags from Whole Foods. It's true the actress is thin, but she's been slender for many years. Last year Gossip Cop was told by a Jolie insider, who wasn't authorized to speak on the record, the tabloid's cover story was untrue, and 365 days later it remains false.

The Aussie version of OK! has been wrong before about Jolie. For example, Gossip Cop busted the publication when it inaccurately contended Jolie wanted to make Drake her "toy boy" and the "daddy" of her kids. Of course, the story was absurd.

Occasionally, Gossip Cop will revisit a report from a year ago to allow readers to see how articles have held up. As more time goes by, as opposed to the narrative about Jolie lives only on cigarettes and coffee, it's clear the actress eats well and even treats herself to caloric snacks here and there. The only thing that went up in smoke was the magazine's story about Jolie.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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