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Angelina Jolie is "dying" and leaving her entire $116 million fortune to her son Maddox, while cutting out her other five kids, according to a new tabloid report. Not one aspect of the publication's story, however, is true. Gossip Cop has learned the actress is not of the verge of death, nor is she giving all her money to her eldest child and making sure her other kids, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne, "don't get a dime."

An article in the latest issue of the National Enquirer, which was also published by RadarOnline, says the reason Maddox will inherit everything while his siblings will get nothing is that he "took his mother's side in the divorce." From there, the supermarket tabloid bizarrely maintains that while the Oscar-winner plans to leave the rest of her children penniless, "Even worse, spiteful Angie has filed legal papers to restore her Jolie surname and been declared single by a judge" before she and Pitt have settled their custody and division of assets. It's not uncommon for individuals, especially those with children and tremendous assets, to first legally become single before figuring out the details of custody and how to split up their vast wealth and property.

Irrespective of the magazine not knowing anything about divorce law, how exactly is legally changing her name back to Jolie, which is the only name she's ever used professionally, even while married to Pitt, "worse" than making sure five of her six kids "don't get a dime"? The tabloid doesn't explain that because the entire story is nothing more than a series of unsubstantiated lies. The publication next regurgitates how after the incident between Pitt and Maddox on the plane in September 2016, which precipitated Jolie filing for divorce, the actor was investigated by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. But after using that as simply filler for the article, it then acknowledges "no charges were filed."

The often discredited outlet later quotes an unnamed, untraceable, and possibly fabricated "insider" as saying, "[Pitt] feels like his other kids are getting the shaft" from their mother. As for Jolie, the tabloid's "insiders" assert the humanitarian "plans to put Maddox in charge of her movie empire, [while] cutting out his siblings." It's true Maddox has an interest in production and served as a producer on his mom's movie, First They Killed My Father, which covered the atrocities inflicted by the Khmer Rouge regime on its people in Cambodia, from where Jolie's son was adopted, but that doesn't mean she's now denying her other kids proceeds from her films.

Only towards the very end of its manufactured cover story does the tabloid address how Jolie is supposedly "dying." The magazine points to her "failing health [as] another reason for her increased reliance on Maddox." But instead of giving specifics of what's allegedly causing Jolie impending death, it mentions her cancer surgery in 2015 was "successful" and that she had Bell's Palsy, from which she completely recovered.

Instead, the habitually debunked outlet vaguely states without any proof whatsoever that "friends" of Jolie have worried about her "chronic lack of self-care, promoting fears of anorexia and organ failure." Its anonymous and seemingly made-up "source" adds, "Angie's weight has plummeted to a scary 92 pounds and she's leaning on Maddox more and more." The supposed tipster further contends that because Jolie "sometimes forgets to eat, Maddox has become her right-hand man when it comes to both the family and business."

Not content with those falsehoods, the outlet's almost assuredly bogus "insider" says Jolie is dating a "prominent mystery hunk who's based in Europe," and because he's "very rich," he has been "connecting Maddox with all the top people at universities in Chicago and New York as he prepares to enroll in college." In addition to that quote having a whiff of Operation Varsity Blues, it also makes no sense that a European-based philanthropist is pulling strings in U.S. colleges.

The publication ends its error-filled article with its unaccountable tipster claiming, "Brad feels someone needs to remind [Jolie] that she has five other children." She's well aware of that because Jolie is actually pictured doing activities with Shiloh, Zahara, Pax, Vivienne and Knox more than she is with Maddox. Perhaps someone should remind the Enquirer that Gossip Cop fact-checks reports and calls out each and every lie.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source in Jolie's camp, who dismissed the claim she's dying and leaving everything to Maddox. We're further told she's not dating anyone at this time. The Enquirer is the same outlet we called out last month for wrongly alleging Jolie was drinking over Pitt reuniting with Jennifer Aniston. That story was completely untrue, as was the tabloid's October 2018 tale about Jolie fleeing to France with her six kids amid her custody battle. The magazine simply comes up with new narratives as it goes along.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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