Angelina Jolie NOT “Back On Drugs” Or “Back With Gay Ex,” Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Drugs Gay ex

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Drugs Gay ex

(National Enquirer)

Angelina Jolie is NOT “back on drugs,” nor is she “back with [her] gay ex,” despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the outrageous claims.

The new cover of the National Enquirer exclaims, “Real Reason Behind Divorce! Angelina Back On Drugs! & Back With Gay Ex!” The front of the issue further blares that Jolie was “busted with [her] lesbian lover!” It also tries to pass off a years-old photo of the actress looking poorly as a new, recent snapshot.

Inside the magazine, a headline salaciously declares, “Angelina Lusts For Lesbian Love — And Drugs!” It’s said in the accompanying story, “Switch-hitting Angelina Jolie dumped Brad Pitt to return to the REAL love of her life — Japanese-American beauty Jenny Shimizu!” The supermarket tabloid goes on to claim, “Frightened friends believe the hookup will send Angie spiraling back down into the drug hell that nearly killed her!”

“Angelina has spun out of control since the split [with Brad],” a so-called “pal” says. “Her lust for lesbian sex and hard drugs has obscured everything in her life!” Gossip Cop is going to stop this nonsense right here, right now. The National Enquirer has ZERO proof that Jolie is using drugs or that she’s back with Shimizu.

In fact, the story goes on to acknowledge that Shimizu is actually married, and merely speculates that she and Jolie still have feelings for each other. But there’s also NO evidence that Shimizu is the reason Jolie left her marriage. Yet it’s still said that “friends fear Jenny will drag [Angelina] into a death spiral!”

The claims are ridiculous and untrue. Jolie is absolutely not using drugs, and never would have been awarded temporary custody of her kids if she was. The actress is completely focused on the children right now as she and Pitt negotiate their divorce. Shimizu is not playing any role, nor are drugs.

A source close to Jolie exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “She’s not abusing drugs [and] there are no third parties involved — of either gender.” Jolie is also “eating healthily and getting sleep,” so that she can best take care of her family. End of story.

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Angelina Jolie is back on drugs.

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