Angelina Jolie “Drugs” Claim Is Late And Wrong

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Angelina Jolie Drugs Divorce

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Drugs Divorce

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Angelina Jolie is not using drugs in the wake of filing for divorce, despite a report that’s both late and wrong. Gossip Cop can again correct the claim.

On Wednesday, Gossip Cop exclusively debunked this week’s National Enquirer cover story which outrageously and falsely claimed Jolie was not just back on drugs, but also wrongly said she was reuniting with ex-girlfriend Jenny Shimizu. Now RadarOnline blares in a headline on Friday, “Angelina Jolie Drug Bombshell EXPLODES After Moving On From Brad Pitt.” The webloid writes, “It only took weeks for Angelina Jolie to move on from estranged husband Brad Pitt, but is her new romance a toxic one?”

Naturally, the disreputable site is just regurgitating the discredited claims of its sister publication. “Sources claim Jolie is switching teams yet again, as she’s back with her lesbian lover,” states the outlet, further alleging, “The mother-of-six is reportedly abusing drugs following the heartbreaking divorce.” But like the National Enquirer, RadarOnline doesn’t have a single shred of hard evidence to back up its serious allegations.

Instead, the online publication urges readers to check out the supermarket tabloid for more information on Jolie’s “dark drug days,” even though those claims were refuted two days ago. Gossip Cop was exclusively told Jolie was “not abusing drugs.” In fact, on the contrary, our contact noted the actress is “eating healthily and getting sleep” so she can be in the best state to care for her six children.

We were also assured Jolie is not back with Shimizu, who is married. This is a trying time for the Jolie-Pitt family. Late and wrong stories like this just make it worse.

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Angelina Jolie is using drugs in the wake of her divorce.


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