Story How Angelina Jolie’s Kids Think Dating Drake Would Be “Coolest Thing” Is Fake News

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Angelina Jolie Drake Dating

By Michael Lewittes |

Angelina Jolie Drake Dating

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Angelina Jolie’s kids have not expressed that they think her dating Drake would be the “coolest thing ever,” despite a newly manufactured article from a repeatedly discredited site. It’s simply another fake news story from HollywoodLife. Gossip Cop is assured that no one from Jolie’s camp shared this phony claim with the often untrustworthy outlet.

HollywoodLies, as it’s known for good reason, maintains that a “source close” to Jolie told the blog, “Angelina’s kids would love it if Drake dated their mom.” Here is what’s really going on: On Thursday, Drake jokingly posted a photo on Instagram of himself sitting alone, along with the caption, “Stood Me Up,” and a sign that meant to link to Jolie’s account. It appears after a few days of thought about how to insinuate themselves into the story, the creative writers at that outlet seemingly came up with the angle about how Jolie’s kids “would love it” and think it would be the “coolest thing ever” if their mom dated Drake.

From there, the site appears to have fabricated a Jolie “source,” who purportedly says, “Angelina thought the post was hilarious and flattering, too, although Drake’s not her type.” The same almost assuredly made-up tipster further contends her sons “Maddox and Pax keep begging Angelina to reach out to Drake and meet up with him, because they think it would be the most awesome thing ever if their mom was dating Drake.” Incredibly, the alleged “source” adds, “Angelina doesn’t want to date anyone right now… So, Maddox and Pax have to settle for just teasing their mom instead.”

Oh, if anyone is going to tease someone it will be Gossip Cop mocking HollywoodLife for yet another fake news story. It’s rather amusing that the site claims it has a Jolie “source,” in the first place, and that the purported insider shared that the actress “doesn’t want to date anyone right now.” We have exposed HollywoodLies on many, many occasions for making up tall tales about who the Oscar-winner was supposedly dating.

For example, Gossip Cop nailed the outlet when it concocted an article that asserted Jolie was “hooking up” with Johnny Depp right after her split from Brad Pitt. That was a lie. We also shot down the site after it published dozens of fictionalized stories about how Jolie was dating a British billionaire. Every single one of those reports was fake news. And yet HollywoodLies, which claimed its articles then also came from a “source close to” Jolie, now asserts she “doesn’t want to date anyone right now.”

Regardless of how often the blog has been caught manufacturing stories, complete with nonexistent sources and phony quotes, Gossip Cop still fact-checked its claim. An actual Jolie insider tells us “none of it is true” about Drake. Additionally, our impeccable insider shares that no one from her inner circle spoke to HollywoodLies, and the site making up bogus conversations allegedly from her minor-aged children is a “new low.”

Equally bad is that the cut-and-paste site Celebrity Insider, which picked up story and didn’t bother to even question whether it was accurate or not. It simply lifted the other outlet’s phony quotes for a story it titled, “Angelina Jolie’s Kids Are All For Her Dating Drake – Here’s Why It Would Be ‘The Coolest Thing Ever!’” Of course, repeating a lie doesn’t make the claims any more believable.