Angelina Jolie Warned By Doctors To ‘Eat Or Die’?

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Angelina Jolie Eat Die

By Andrew Shuster |

Angelina Jolie Eat Die

(NW Magazine)

Doctors are not warning Angelina Jolie to “eat or die,” despite a false tabloid report attacking the actress’s weight. As Gossip Cop has stressed countless times, Jolie isn’t suffering any health issues. We can set the record straight on this latest nonsense.

According to NW, the Maleficent star was on the verge of a collapse when she returned home from a humanitarian trip to Colombia earlier this month. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “She was faint, dizzy and breathless, and rumor has it staff sneaked her off to a hospital suspecting she was near-starving.”

The supposed source further contends that Jolie was “exhausted and malnourished,” but she wasn’t happy about being taken in for an examination “and refused to tell her aides the results.” The questionable tipster adds, “All they know is she began to eat a bit more, but only for a little while before reverting back to her old habits.”

The seemingly phony insider goes on to say that the actress “can literally go weeks without a full meal” to the point where it seems “like she’s on a hunger strike due to all the stress in her life.” The so-called “source” maintains that doctors have told Jolie she’s “in danger of bone disease and even organ failure if she carries on like this,” but she’s not listening. “At this point, nobody can tell her what to do. She covers up her skin and bones with oversized clothes, and sweeps everyone’s worries under the carpet.”

The tabloid’s story is just another attempt at creating nonexistent health problems for the actress. Gossip Cop checked in with an individual in Jolie’s camp, who tells us she wasn’t admitted to the hospital upon her return from Colombia, nor is anyone in her inner circle worried about her well-being. We’re further assured that no doctor has warned the actress to “eat or die.”

Earlier this month, Gossip Cop called out NW for similarly alleging Jolie was risk for bone disease because she wasn’t eating. The premise wasn’t true then and it’s no more accurate now. Last month, the unreliable outlet made up a phony story about Jolie’s kids staging an intervention to get her to eat.

Last year, Gossip Cop called out the publication for wrongly reporting Jolie wasn’t sleeping or eating due to the stress of her divorce from Brad Pitt and caring for six children.  We also debunked the outlet’s article claiming Jolie was purposely “starving herself” in an effort to make Pitt look like a “villain” in their split. The magazine’s countless reports about the actress’s physical condition are baseless. In reality, Jolie has been working on back-to-back films while raising six kids and remaining dedicated to her humanitarian efforts.


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