Angelina Jolie “Throws Post-Brad Divorce Party” Is Fake News Story

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Angelina Jolie Divorce Party

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Divorce Party

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A story claiming Angelina Jolie is throwing a divorce party in the wake of her split from Brad Pitt is simply fake news. Gossip Cop can expose the apparent fabrication.

More focused on puns than accurate reporting, RadarOnline blares in a headline on Friday, “No Pitt-Y Party! Angelina Jolie Throws Post-Brad Divorce Celebration.” The accompanying article says the “coldhearted actress” will kick off her “single life” by “throwing herself a divorce celebration.” The party has supposedly been deemed a “manumission,” a term that is traditionally used to describe when a slave owner emancipated indentured servants.

The site doesn’t explain how that would apply to Jolie’s marriage to Pitt, with whom she had a happy relationship for more than a decade. But now the actress is said to be feeling liberated, and all “mention of Brad” is “banned” from the upcoming bash, according to the outlet’s so-called “insider,” who alleges the party will be held in London with the actress’ “new posh circle of pals.”

Notably, the online publication doesn’t say when this “manumission” is supposedly taking place, but conveniently warns that fans won’t get to read about it in the media. The webloid’s purported tipster explains the event will be “super discreet” because Jolie “doesn’t want this to get out when she and Brad are so close to finalizing their divorce.” Right.

Or maybe the real reason no reputable publication will be reporting about this “manumission” is because it’s not actually happening. Typically, when gossip outlets give an excuse for why there won’t be proof of their claims, it’s because the allegations are actually made up. It’s a built-in cover up. What’s also telling is that RadarOnline makes no mention in this piece of its last doozy, which claimed Pitt was “terrified” Jolie was casting voodoo spells against him.

If she was actually doing such a thing, one would think Pitt’s estranged “witchy-wife,” as Jolie was called in that article, would work her magic at this divorce party. Sounds like they would go together, no? But, of course, the site made up that sorcery story, and seems to have already forgotten it when manufacturing this latest silly report. In fact, the blog has run a number of inconsistent claims about Jolie and Pitt, proving that its sources are either illegitimate or fictional.

But since Gossip Cop doesn’t traffic in fake news, we’ve built up a reliable group of contacts. And one tells us now that this divorce party article is mildly amusing but simply “not true.” It wasn’t true either when RadarOnline said Jolie was using drugs or when the outlet said Jolie was moving to Cambodia. It’s one outlandish claim after another, and that’s nothing to celebrate.

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