Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce: Fact Vs. Fiction, Part Two

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Angelina Jolie Divorce Brad Pitt Fact Fiction Rumors

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Divorce Brad Pitt Fact Fiction Rumors

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce continues to provide gossip fodder, but there’s a lot of inaccurate information out there about the couple’s split. For the second time, Gossip Cop can separate fact from fiction about the Brangelina breakup.

FICTION: Brad Pitt is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for child abuse, according to TMZ.
FACT: The generally reliable outlet got this one right and wrong. Pitt is indeed under investigation, but not by the LAPD. The actor is accused of being physically and verbally abusive towards one of his children during a recent plane trip. But because it happened on an international flight, the LAPD does not have jurisdiction. The case is actually being handled by the FBI, in addition to the Department of Child and Family Services.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie is making “secret calls” to her “lesbian lover” in the wake of separating from Brad Pitt, according to RadarOnline.
FACT: The webloid suggestively wondered if the actress was “switching teams again” by contacting former girlfriend Jenny Shimizu, whom she dated two decades ago. The story was set up to make it seem like Jolie was embarking on a new romance, before conceding that Shimizu is married, and she and Jolie are only friends these days. The bait-and-switch about scandalous “secret calls” to a “lesbian lover” simply wasn’t true.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie confronted Marion Cotillard on the Allied set, according to The Sun.
FACT: Though production on Brad Pitt’s upcoming movie wrapped months ago, the British paper only just this week ran a story claiming Jolie was “aggressive and very negative” toward Cotillard on set earlier this year. The tale seemed to give credence to claims Jolie was suspicious about the fellow actress getting too close to her husband. But as Gossip Cop has already reported, there was never anything inappropriate going on between Cotillard and Pitt. A reliable source also now assured us that the new confrontation claim was bogus.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie “cheated on Brad Pitt with a woman,” according to the MediaTakeOut.
FACT: In this deceitful doozy, the site took the aforementioned RadarOnline report about Jolie and Shimizu and twisted it into a cheating tale. MediaFakeOut deemed Shimizu the actress’ “side chick,” and blamed their supposed affair as the reason why Jolie’s marriage to Pitt was ending. But as Gossip Cop pointed out, RadarOnline never actually mentioned anything about Jolie and Shimizu hooking up during her union to Pitt. MTO further embellished the story on its own, and they’re 100 percent wrong.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie has turned to Gwen Stefani for help during the divorce, according to HollywoodLife.
FACT: The fabrication factory’s manufactured report claimed Stefani “stepped up to help out her old friend,” and was even “one of the first people to offer her support” after the split news broke. But the webloid had no evidence to back up its allegations, and seemingly only connected the two women because both are using famed divorce attorney Laura Wasser to legally handle their respective breakups. Furthermore, no one close to either woman could confirm the blog’s “support” tale. That’s not surprising considering HollywoodLies was also caught making up a lie about Pitt “leaning on” George Clooney.

There’s no denying that Jolie and Pitt’s breakup after more than 10 years together is one of the biggest celebrity stories in ages. And while outlets may be eager to offer insights on the split, that does not excuse poor or erroneous reporting. Such situations are difficult enough without sensational rumors being added to the mix. As long as it’s necessary, Gossip Cop will continue to do our part to reveal what’s real and what’s not.

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