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Angelina Jolie did not keep a "dirt diary" that she's now going to use against Brad Pitt in their custody battle, despite a report that was picked up by a number of outlets which didn't bother to fact-check the claim. Gossip Cop can correct this made-up story. There is no such revenge journal, nor would it actually even be helpful at this point.

According to a new RadarOnline article, Jolie secretly kept a "vivid account" of her "explosive marriage" to Pitt and is now ready to share it in an effort "to blow their bitter custody battle wide open." A so-called "source" is quoted as alleging, "Angie's going to paint her life with Brad as a living hell." The unnamed tipster further contends Jolie will detail "Brad's boozing, violent rages and volatile behavior," adding the "diary will be very damaging to Brad's custody hopes. She's calling it her trump card."

Not surprisingly the claim was picked up other sites that simply regurgitated the original outlet's story, without doing any reporting of their own. One blog named Pinkvilla virtually cut-and-pasted the online publication's article for a piece it titled, "Angelina Jolie has a 'dirt diary' about Brad Pitt's boozing, violent rages and volatile behavior." But just because a number of places lazily repeat the same premise, it doesn't make it anymore true or accurate.

If Jolie really had a "dirt diary," and the actress felt that was the way to win custody, she would have already used it. Instead, she's continued to acknowledge that her estranged husband is actually a good dad. In 2010, Jolie called Pitt a "wonderful father" and the narrative hasn't changed since their September 2016 split. In fact, while promoting her 2017 film, First They Killed My Father, Jolie told "Good Morning America" that she still feels Pitt a great father, despite their breakup.

As for the talk about Pitt's "boozing," it's in the past. In an all-encompassing and brutally honest interview with GG in 2017, Pitt confronted his divorce and past drinking. Pitt noted that after the incident on the plane with his son Maddox, which precipitated Jolie filing for divorce, he quit drinking because he "[didn't] want to live that way anymore." Jolie bringing up his past alcohol issues, especially when he's dedicated himself to sobriety, would hardly help her case today.

Additionally, it would be difficult for Jolie to suddenly claim being with Pitt was a "living hell" when during that time she often publicly praised him. Of Pitt, Jolie told the Telegraph in 2011, "I am very lucky with Brad... He's got the wonderful balance of being an extraordinary, great, loving father, a very, very intelligent man and physically he's a real man." And in 2014, for instance, Jolie gushed in the London Evening Standard, "Brad has always been such a wonderful and loving father... I still get very emotional when I watch Brad play with the children."

It appears RadarOnline simply came up with its "dirt diary" angle after a June court order required Jolie to give Pitt more access to their six children. According to court documents, the actor was given full access to the kids by phone and more physical time both in Los Angeles and London, where Jolie is currently filming Maleficent 2. The order noted, "If the minor children remain closed down to their father... it may result in a reduction of the time they spend with [Jolie] and may result in the Court ordering primary physical custody to [Pitt]."

On the contrary, one could argue that Jolie is in a more defensive spot right now and painting Pitt as the bad guy would not be a good tactic. It also would be meaningless since he's made every effort, by his own admission, to better himself. Gossip Cop reached out to Jolie's lawyer for a comment about the website's latest story, but has yet to hear back.

It should be remembered that this new claim about a "dirt diary" is coming from the same outlet that just two months ago swore up and down that Jolie regret filing for divorce from Pitt after he allegedly fell for Neri Oxman. Of course, none of that premise was true. Jolie is not upset about her split from Pitt nor did he ever date Oxman. Much like that provably false report, the current one about Jolie looking to expose Pitt with a secret journal is also made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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