Angelina Jolie NOT Living ‘Paycheck To Paycheck’ After Pursuing Directing Career, Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Directing Career

By Andrew Shuster |

Angelina Jolie Directing Career

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A blog claims Angelina Jolie is “cash-strapped” because she spent the past few years focusing on her directing career instead of acting. The story, which alleges she’s “living paycheck to paycheck,” is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Jolie hasn’t starred in a big blockbuster since 2014’s Maleficent, and has instead directed several passion projects, including the WWII movie Unbroken and the Netflix drama First They Killed My Father. According to RadarOnline, the actress’s decision to step behind the camera has left her with a “gaping hole in her wallet” and “living paycheck to paycheck.”

Jolie will next star in a sequel to Maleficent, but according to the blog’s “insider,” she’s “desperate” for the film to wrap “so she can collect the full installment of her $25 million fee.” The outlet’s story is inaccurate from the very start. Maleficent 2 wrapped filming back in August. A real source close to the actress would know she had finished shooting the movie months ago.

Still, the seemingly phony tipster continues, “Maleficent 2 is her first blockbuster role in years and she’s currently searching for another big movie to star in as a follow-up.” Once again, the website’s “insider” proves to be clueless. Jolie started shooting the fantasy drama Come Away when she wrapped filming the Disney sequel. In fact, production on Come Away has ended as well.

The blog’s unreliable source adds, “Directing is Angie’s passion but those projects have only made her a couple of million in total. Acting is the major business in her life and she knows it’s time to ramp that up even further.”

In addition to the site’s article being poorly researched and riddled with inaccuracies, it’s also fabricated. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the Jolie, who assures us she’s not choosing movie roles for money and isn’t giving up directing either. In fact, Jolie explained at the Toronto Film Festival last year that she prefers being behind the camera, but isn’t done with acting.

RadarOnline’s “source” doesn’t know the status of Jolie’s career and which projects she has in the works. Of course, that’s not surprising. Gossip Cop busted the blog last month for falsely claiming that Jolie had a “secret reunion” with Brad Pitt to repair their marriage. In the time since we debunked that story, it was reported that the exes are going to trial over custody of their kids. The outlet clearly has no insight into the actress’s career or personal life.


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