One year ago today, a tabloid falsely claimed Angelina Jolie was dating Tom Hiddleston after being introduced to the actor by Chris Hemsworth. Gossip Cop debunked the phony romance rumors as soon as they emerged. Time has proven the narrative to be completely untrue.

On January 23, 2018, Woman's Day New Zealand wrongly reported Jolie and Hiddleston had been set up on a date by Hemsworth, who sat next to the actress at that year's Golden Globes. According to the magazine, Jolie opened up about her love life to the Australian actor while they were hanging out at the ceremony. The actress supposedly told Hemsworth "guys were scared of asking her out" following her divorce from Brad Pitt, but the actor mentioned that his Thor co-star Hiddleston "always had the hots for her, and Ange said she liked him too."

From there, the magazine's anonymous and untraceable "source" claimed Hemsworth gave Hiddleston's contact information to Jolie, which resulted in the two "texting and calling each other" nonstop. The magazine's alleged insider further maintained the actress was "longing to find love again," which put Hiddleston "in the right place at the right time."

Around the same time the tabloid published its story last year, People magazine reported Jolie was "single and not interested in dating." The reputable celebrity news outlet further noted the actress wasn't planning on dating "for a very long time" as she was instead "focused on her children and their needs." Naturally, we doubted the veracity of the Woman's Day story, and those doubts were confirmed after checking in with sources close to both Jolie and Hiddleston, who dismissed the entire report as fiction.

Not only did the actress never embark on a romance with Hiddleston, but two months later, E! News once again confirmed that Jolie is "not dating" and is "very focused on her kids and doesn't have a lot going on outside of that." As of January 2019, the actress has continued putting her love life on the back burner for the sake of her children.

Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped Woman's Day from continuing to make up stories about the actress's love life. Shortly after wrongly linking her to Hiddleston, the publication claimed Jolie was dating Maleficent 2 co-star Ed Skrein. The passage of time has discredited that scenario as well. Gossip Cop looks back at stories from a year ago to show how the storylines found in the tabloids rarely pan out in real life. The nonexistent relationship between Jolie and Hiddleston is another example.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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