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Angelina Jolie is "amused" by the tabloids romantically linking her to random people, but her main focus remains on her kids and work, an insider tells Gossip Cop. Since the beginning of the year, the actress and humanitarian has been reported to be involved with a slew of different men, but as we've previously noted, she's not dating anyone right now. And while she generally pays little to no attention to tabloid reports, and the rumors don't particularly bother her, Gossip Cop is told Jolie is still a bit surprised at how much people care about the phony stories about her supposed love life.

Starting in January, Jolie has wrongly been connected to a number of different men. She was first falsely linked to Cambodian rapper and filmmaker PraCh Ly, who OK! dubbed her "new love." The tabloid even had the gall to maintain it had a "source" who claimed "they're a perfect match" and "their connection is becoming stronger by the day. It's just what Angie needs." And while it's true the two know each other, People later confirmed Gossip Cop's reporting that the actress and Ly were not a couple and that Jolie isn't interested in dating for a "very long time."

That was followed several weeks later by an absurd report about Jolie "crushing" on Chris Hemsworth, a claim manufactured simply because the two sat next to each other during the Golden Globes. Hemsworth later dismissed the gossip tying him to Jolie while appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Following that, Jolie was wrongly linked romantically to a few more celebrities, as well as some unnamed and untraceable men.

In March, it was falsely maintained Jolie was looking to "sink her claws" into Garrett Hedlund, whom she had cast in the 2014 movie Unbroken. After that off-base claim, the Oscar-winner was purportedly getting "flirty" with Ethan Hawke, her co-star in the 2004 film Talking Lives. Of course, the actor has been married for a decade and even told USA Today in 2015 that they haven't stayed in touch but "every now and then" Jolie sends Hawke a Christmas card. Gossip Cop also busted a report claiming Jolie was dating Ed Skrein, her new co-star in the upcoming Maleficent sequel. And just a few weeks ago, we shot down an untrue story that asserted she was pursuing Channing Tatum.

On the non-famous front, Gossip Cop corrected a slew of wholly fabricated articles contending Jolie was set to marry her fourth husband, an unnamed "British philanthropist." While Life & Style devoted a cover story to the actress walking down the aisle with this supposed fiance, glaringly the tabloid didn't offer one concrete piece of evidence about his very existence, including his name, age, or any specific physical attributes. The phony narrative about Jolie having a mysterious British boyfriend was actually recycled from more than a year ago, and even back then our impeccable insider denied it.

Also phony were claims that she was dating an unidentified real estate estate. In fact, Us Weekly debunked the rumor, noting Jolie was not dating a real estate agent and is single. Similarly, People also reported this spring that Jolie is not dating anyone one these days.

One would think that with all these untrue tales, the fairly private actress would be annoyed, but she's not. An insider tells Gossip Cop that Jolie is unfazed by all the relationship rumors and is "amused" by the fact that there's a (misguided) obsession with her love life, particularly when she's not focused on it all. We're told Jolie's main priorities are her six kids and her work, both on and off the screen.

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