Angelina Jolie On The Prowl For Men?

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Angelina Jolie on the prowl

By Griffin Matis |

Angelina Jolie on the prowl

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Is Angelina Jolie “on the prowl” for men now that her oldest son Maddox has gone off to college? That’s the premise behind a story in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the claim, and it’s not at all true.

According to the National Enquirer, Jolie is determined to find a serious boyfriend now that her 18-year-old son has left the house. A supposed source tells the outlet, “She plans to go on a date at least once or twice a week and see where it takes her. She’s still focused on family but now there’s a huge hole in her life she needs to fill. She’s ready to bring another man into her life!”

The alleged insider further contends Jolie believes a new romance might “bring stability” back into her supposedly unsettled home life. “She’s got business acquaintances looking into this discreetly for her, plus there are a couple of guys who she’s hit up directly,” adds the suspicious tipster, who claims Jolie feels she’s overdue for “her first serious boyfriend” since her split from Brad Pitt.

The article, however, is a complete fabrication, as has been a number of recent tales about Jolie’s love life. There have been several stories that have wrongly asserted Jolie is “causing marriage problems” for Chris Hemsworth. Gossip Cop has also shot down false rumors about Jolie dating Bradley Cooper. Unlike its sister publications, which have published reports linking the actress to famous men, the Enquirer maintains Jolie is just interested in dating in general.

This tabloid’s story also has some logic problems. Why would Jolie turn to “business acquaintances” for help with her love life? How does the “insider” know the actress has reached out to a “couple of guys,” but doesn’t know either of their names? As Gossip Cop has previously noted, Jolie has no interest in dating at the moment, and is instead entirely focused on her kids and her career.

The magazine’s narrative isn’t original either. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer’s sister outlet, RadarOnline, for making up a similar story about Jolie looking for a boyfriend in the wake of her son leaving for college. As we noted when that phony article first emerged, the Oscar-winner still has five other kids living in her house. She’s hardly suffering from empty nest syndrome.

And while the publication has seemingly forgotten a few of its past errors about her dating life, Gossip Cop has not. In July, for instance, the magazine adamantly stated Jolie had “fallen for” one of her bodyguards. In reality, the man who was referred to as a “mysterious suitor” isn’t her bodyguard, but her children’s caretaker, and they’re not in a romantic relationship. The latest article about Jolie’s love life is more fiction.


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