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Angelina Jolie being on the "edge of a total collapse" was the premise behind a highly dramatic story from exactly one year ago today. Back then, Gossip Cop noted the article about her health was untrue, and at no time in the past 12 months has there been a report from a legitimate outlet about the actress having actually collapsed. The tabloids often publish outrageous claims, but it's important to look back at them occasionally to see which of them hold up and which do not.

On December 27, 2017, the National Enquirer maintained Jolie's friends were scared she was on the "edge of a total collapse," because the supermarket tabloid asserted she hardly eats or sleeps. According to the magazine's supposed "source," the Oscar winner's diet consists of "morsels of steamed veggies and fruit," a "little protein," and water. Mostly, contended the outlet's tipster, Jolie lived on "wine" and "cigarettes."

Because of her alleged unhealthy lifestyle of "going without food or sleep," claimed the publication, Jolie was perpetually "light-headed" and "on the verge of passing out." And yet no highly respected news organization has reported about her having passed out or collapsed. If anything, in the intervening year since the tabloid's article, Jolie has often been spotted buying food and eating in public quite a lot.

In August, for example, a completely healthy-looking and smiling Jolie was seen leaving the grocery store Whole Foods in Los Angeles with several bags of food. And far from subsisting on "morsels of steamed veggies and fruit," the actress apparently enjoys treats. In September, Jolie was spotted having ice cream with her son Pax. And weeks later in October, Jolie was photographed eating a Baskin-Robbin ice cream cone while on her own.

As Gossip Cop has mentioned in the past, the movie star has openly touched on the topics of her health, eating, and sleeping before. In 2017, Jolie noted in Vanity Fair cover story that she's "in charge of... my health," and also discussed "taking cooking classes" and how she routinely thinks "as I go to sleep at night... Did I do a great job as a mom?" In just that article alone, she acknowledged she eats, sleeps and cares about her health.

Still, Gossip Cop checked last year with a Jolie confidante, who assured us the actress takes very good care of herself for her own sake and that of her children, who rely on her. Our impeccable insider also pointed out that Jolie being on the verge of "collapse" is nothing more than an old and wrongly regurgitated tabloid narrative, which bears no semblance to the truth. And, in fact, we looked back at some of our archives and found the Enquirer, in particular, seems fixated on falsely claiming Jolie has "collapsed."

In December 2013, for instance, the supermarket tabloid ran a untrue cover story that alleged Jolie had a "tragic collapse" on a movie set, leaving crew members to think she was dead. Earlier that same year, Gossip Cop busted the outlet when it published a phony tale about how Jolie "collapsed" during a humanitarian mission in Africa. And even this year, the magazine tried to assert Jolie collapsed amid her custody battle with Brad Pitt.

As stated above, Gossip Cop sometimes looks back at reports from the year before, such as the one that swore up and down Jolie was "going without food or sleep" and was on the verge of collapsing, in an effort to help readers determine which outlets they can and cannot trust. It should be clear 365 days later that Jolie has not "collapsed," despite the magazine's repeated contentions. Actually, the only thing that collapses are the tabloids' stories upon closer examination.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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