Does Angelina Jolie want to date Colin Farrell? It's claimed in one of this week's celebrity magazines that she's "pining" for him. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this report, which is partially based on a very old and inaccurate rumor about the two Alexander co-stars.

OK! gets it wrong right from the start of its article, which begins, "For Angelina Jolie, former flame Colin Farrell may be the one that got away." But by the second sentence of its story, the tabloid backs away a tiny bit from its assertion by adding, "The two were rumored to have a short fling while filming the 2004 period drama Alexander." So, first the outlet declares the Irish actor was Jolie's "former flame," but then it says their alleged affair was just "rumored"?

Without having reconciled that inconsistency, the tabloid just barrels on and quotes a so-called "pal" as saying, "She's always had a thing for Colin." The ill-informed or possibly manufactured tipster explains it would've never worked out between the two stars because "he wanted to party all night and she had just adopted Maddox." We're not quite sure how the magazine defines "just adopted," but in reality the Oscar-winning actress had welcomed her eldest child a full two years before shooting Alexander with Farrell.

The outlet concludes its error-riddled story by quoting Jolie's supposed "friend" as contending how now that her custody battle with Brad Pitt is winding down, she's excited about "finding someone new." "She's finally ready for a fresh start," adds the magazine's purported source. There's one slight problem with the tabloid's tale: It's all predicated on a phony claim from more than half a decade ago.

Back in 2013, a full nine years after the filming of Alexander, Perez Hilton published an article completely out of the blue that falsely maintained Jolie had hooked up with Farrell and wanted to be with him, but settled for Pitt, with whom she spent a decade, married, and shares six kids. Gossip Cop corrected that untrue story more than six years ago. And much like that report, the current one has no proof or reason for tying Jolie to Farrell so many years later.

Interestingly, if OK! truly had sources for the Oscar-winning actress, it would have mentioned that Jolie and four of her kids went to the Monday premiere of Dumbo, which actually stars Farrell. (It should be noted Jolie and Farrell weren't even pictured together at the movie's opening.) Conversely, Gossip Cop reached out to an impeccable Jolie insider, and we're exclusively assured the tabloid's latest article is "not true."

Of course, that magazine has been wrong about Jolie a lot. Just a month ago, Gossip Cop busted the publication when it absurdly reported Pitt and Jolie were calling off their divorce following a meeting about custody and possibly getting back together. And yet now it insists she wants to date Farrell?

The same outlet also ridiculously insisted last March that Jolie was about to marry a new husband and adopt a baby from Africa with him. Obviously, she never wed the unnamed mystery man or adopted another child. The new claim about Jolie "pining" for Farrell is similarly untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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