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Angelina Jolie is not Christmas shopping at Target because of "financial trouble," contrary to a ridiculous, speculative report. Gossip Cop can debunk this silly claim. Jolie's wealth is not in jeopardy and her bank account is not dictating where she shops.

But RadarOnline is asking on Friday, "Is Angelina Jolie having financial trouble?" The webloid questions why, as a "ritzy Hollywood actress," she supposedly finds "there's no better place to shop for Christmas gifts than at America's most popular discount store." It's alleged that Jolie is "obsessed with finding cheap new deals — despite her millions!"

A purported "insider" supposedly explains to the site, "Angie loves Target. It's one of her favorite stores and a place where she gets lots of her Christmas gifts. She has staff that can get her anything and go anywhere for her, yet one place she has been spotted is Target." That leads the blog to ask readers, "Do you think Jolie is just collecting coupons for fun, or is she having money issues because of her nasty legal battle with Brad Pitt?"

First off, Jolie is not having "financial trouble" or "money issues," Gossip Cop can confirm. She is worth millions and that isn't changing simply because she and Pitt are in the midst of a divorce. Second, yes, Jolie has been spotted at Target in the past, just as she's been seen at grocery stores and flea markets. Plenty of stars have. It has nothing to do with being wealthy or poor. Michelle Obama, who is also a millionaire, is a well-known Target fan. Some people just like certain stores, regardless of how much money they do or don't have.

There's no rule dictating where stars can and can't shop based on their riches. Plus, consider another scenario: If Jolie was seen carrying shopping bags out of a high-end retail establishment like Neiman Marcus, it's highly likely she'd be accused of going on a spree and blowing money. There's no substantial reason to draw conclusions on how much she's spending or the state of her finances, but RadarOnline would find a way to pass judgment regardless, even though it has nothing to back its speculation up.

It's worth noting the outlet's sister publication has also unsuccessfully tried claiming there are money woes plaguing the star. Last August, OK! alleged Jolie couldn't afford to finalize her divorce from Pitt. As Gossip Cop said then, the Oscar winner's own cash flow was not affecting split negotiations. Now we can confirm the reverse is also true: The split negotiations are not affecting Jolie's cash flow. The webloid simply combined the ongoing divorce, her past trips to Target and the Christmas shopping season to form an unsubstantiated narrative about "financial trouble."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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