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Angelina Jolie slipped Chris Hemsworth her phone number at Comic-Con, infuriating his wife Elsa Pataky? Gossip Cop looked into this tabloid rumor. It's completely fake.

A headline in this week's Star reads, "Angie & Chris: The Truth Behind Those Rumors." What rumors? The magazine alleges that the actress gave the Thor star her number after the two appeared together at the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con. This "rumor" can only be found in the pages of the tabloid, which further contends that Pataky spiraled into a "jealous rage" and demanded that her husband have "zero contact" with Jolie.

According to a supposed source, Jolie "loved every second of being with Chris at Comic-Con and desperately wants to work on some hot-blooded project as an onscreen couple with him." Of course, a Jolie tabloid piece wouldn't be complete without an unnecessary reference to ex-husband Brad Pitt. The outlet's "insider" says Jolie "sees Chris as this younger, sexier, more exciting version of Brad."

The publication goes on to call Hemsworth "oblivious" to the actress's advances, although his wife "is petrified of history repeating itself" like when Jolie "stole" Pitt from Jennifer Aniston. According to the tipster, Pataky now wants Hemsworth to only focus on movies filmed in his native Australia, but "when Angelina sets her sights on a man, she goes for the kill."

None of this is remotely true, we're assured by an individual in Jolie's camp. And although Hemsworth will be shooting the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia, he's doing so to be close to home and spend time with his kids, not because his wife demanded it, and certainly not as a result of Jolie pursuing him. Just last week, Pataky posted an incredibly loving birthday wish for her husband on Instagram, which Hemsworth followed up with a picture of a "cape" his wife sewed for him. It was really just a quilted blanket, but the actor said it was the "favorite" of all his birthday gifts. This isn't a relationship plagued by jealousy.

It should be noted, Star claimed in June that Jolie asked out Keanu Reeves on a date. Gossip Cop busted that report when it was first published, and two remain unconnected to this day. In April, the tabloid came up with a story about Jolie "hunting" for wealthy businessmen to date. And in February, the magazine pushed the untrue premise that Jolie was dating Sean Penn. It's clear the unreliable outlet comes up with new angles about the actress's love life on a whim.

Gossip Cop should also mention, NW published a very similar story in April about Pataky being jealous of Hemsworth's Avengers co-star Brie Larson. The gossip media has a habit of arbitrarily linking Jolie to famous men, as well as alleging Hemsworth's wife is jealous of his co-stars. This latest article is combining both fake narratives.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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