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Angelina Jolie and Chris Hemsworth don't have much of a relationship, but the two stars have crossed paths a few times, which has resulted in false tabloid stories about them. Gossip Cop has debunked a handful of phony reports involving the pair. Here are a few examples.

Just last week, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming Jolie had slipped Hemsworth her phone number after both appeared together at the Marvel Studios panel at Comic Con. The two stars were on hand at the event to promote their separate superhero projects, but according to the outlet, Jolie has been pursuing the actor ever since. The tabloid maintained that Hemsworth is "oblivious" to the actress's advances, but his wife Elsa Pataky went into a "jealous rage" when she learned Jolie had given him her digits.

Nothing about the story was remotely true. Not only did an individual in Jolie's camp dismiss it as nonsense, but Pataky's Instagram page is filled a plethora of evidence proving her relationship with Hemsworth is going strong. Following Comic Con, the actress posted a loving message to her husband in honor of his birthday, calling him her "favorite human being." Jolie hasn't come between the happy spouses.

Last year, RadarOnline wrongly alleged Jolie had a "secret plan to woo" Hemsworth after sitting next to him at the Golden Globe Awards. E! News, a much more reliable outlet, reported that the two stars ended up at the same table randomly, but the blog maintain that the actress had maneuvered her way to his table. A supposed source went on to say the actress was "begging her team" to find a project for her and Hemsworth to work on together, but with the ulterior motive of getting close to him.

Around the same time the article emerged, People magazine correctly reported that Jolie wasn't interested in dating and was entirely focused on work and raising her kids. Meanwhile, Hemsworth is happily married with three children, and the suggestion that Jolie was looking to break up his family was totally baseless.

Prior to that, Gossip Cop called out Woman's Day for falsely claiming Hemsworth had set up a date between Jolie and Tom Hiddleston, his co-star in the Thor franchise. The tabloid claimed Jolie was complaining about her love life while sitting next to Hemsworth at the Golden Globes, so he mentioned that Hiddleston "had the hots for her, and Ange said she liked him too." From there, the publication insisted that Jolie and Hiddleston were texting nonstop and setting up a dinner date. That entire scenario was fictional. As time has proven, the two stars aren't an item and never got together.

And finally, Gossip Cop busted NW last year for kicking off the phony narrative about Jolie "crushing on" Hemsworth. The outlet said the Thor star reminded Jolie of a young Brad Pitt, so she pitched a "Mr. & Mrs. Smith-style blockbuster" for the two to star in together. A Jolie insider assured us the story was "absurd." As opposed to working together, the two are starring in completely separate projects for Marvel.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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