Angelina Jolie Warned Charlize Theron To Stay Away From Brad Pitt And Their Kids?

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Brad Pitt Charlize Theron Angelina Jolie Kids

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Charlize Theron Angelina Jolie Kids


Did Angelina Jolie warn Charlize Theron to stay away from Brad Pitt and their six kids? That’s the absurd claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony report.

As Gossip Cop has stressed several times, Pitt and Theron aren’t dating, but the tabloids want the public to believe otherwise. For more than a week now, various outlet have falsely claimed the two movie stars struck up a romance while shooting an ad for Breitling watches last year. The actor’s rep, speaking on his behalf, assured us he “hasn’t seen [Theron] in months” and never dated the actress.

Not only is NW sticking to the false narrative, but the unreliable magazine is throwing Pitt’s estranged wife into the mix. The tabloid quotes an alleged insider as saying, “Word is [Jolie] sent Charlize hundreds of angry messages. She’s really gone off the deep end and can’t stop.” The supposed source further maintains Jolie has “always disliked” Theron, both because they’ve “competed for numerous roles over the years” and also because she believes the actress is “a pathetic wannabe who’s copied her image.” “Now here she is going after her estranged husband and the father of her six kids – it’s the final straw,” adds the so-called “insider.”

The questionable tipster goes on to assert Jolie will get “lawyers involved” if Pitt tries to introduce Theron to their kids. “It’s fair to say that Charlize is the last person she’d want to get close to her ex, let alone bond with her children,” contends the highly suspect source. “If she she does defy Angelina and meets Brad’s kids, then to say things will turn ugly is a massive understatement.”

The tabloid’s tale is based on the false premise that Pitt and Theron are a couple, which they most assuredly are not. Jolie isn’t upset about his nonexistent relationship with the South African actress. Last week, Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline for falsely claiming Pitt was hiding his romance with Theron from Jolie. Shortly after that, HollywoodLife pretended to know Jolie’s reaction to Pitt and Theron dating. And over the weekend, Gossip Cop called out OK! for making up a story about Pitt spending time with Jolie amid his romance with Theron.

Considering that Pitt and Theron aren’t involved with each other, every one of those stories involving Jolie is flat-out false. It’s worth noting, many tabloids have included Jennifer Aniston in the narrative as well. The gossip media is attempting to create a soap opera out of an imaginary scenario.


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