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Angelina Jolie did not have a British boyfriend one year ago today or anytime since then, despite a slew of completely untrue reports that misled the public. At the time, a source close to the actress disclosed to Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity that Jolie called the claims "untrue" when made aware of them. Now a full 12 months have passed and the overwhelming evidence since then proves once again that Gossip Cop's impeccable insider was right about Jolie not dating a mystery man and that the outlets which duped search engines were outright lying.

Exactly 365 days ago, if one were to have searched "Angelina Jolie," the results yielded was a story from The Hindustan Times with the headline, "Angelina Jolie is marrying 'British man' and Brad Pitt finds it 'sickening;" a HollywoodLife story titled, "Angelina Jolie's Secret Romance: Inside Her Private Malibu Rendezvous With New Man;" and and piece, "Brad Pitt's ex-wife Angelina Jolie is dating a British entrepreneur?" (See screenshot below.) Of course, Jolie was not Pitt's ex-wife then, nor is she now since the two are still working out a divorce agreement.

That, however, was the least of the site's problems. Its first big mistake was relying on information from HollywoodLife, a site so well-known for making up phony stories that it's widely nicknamed HollywoodLies. In fact, that often discredited site was the basis for all three of the fake news stories in search a year ago today. At the heart of the three articles was the made-up narrative that Jolie was involved with a "secret" lover from England, with whom she carried on a torrid romance at a home she was renting in Malibu.

Significantly, while all three tall tales maintained they had details about Jolie's alleged trysts and her "British entrepreneur" boyfriend, not one had a name for this manufactured man. Nor did any of the outlets offer any description of the actress's supposed boyfriend. Was he in his thirties, forties or eighties? Was he short or as tall as Sasquatch? Did he have hair and, if so, was it brown, black, blond, or dyed purple? And yet, even though HollywoodLies couldn't furnish one specific about this guy, the website falsely asserted it had "the romantic details" about what had "been happening all behind closed doors." In reality, it was all just fake news.

As Gossip Cop likes to remind its readers, time is not the friend of outlets that lie because the truth eventually emerges. In this case, we rightly reported, based on information told to us on background from a source close to Jolie that the rumors about her dating and having a British boyfriend were "untrue." We even pointed out at the time, "she's made it very clear that the reports were fabricated and that her sole focus is on her six kids."

While not addressing the bogus British gentleman stories, several months later People noted Jolie was not dating anyone nor was she interested in being involved. And just a month ago, after it was wrongly alleged the Oscar winner was seeing an unnamed real estate agent, that same credible outlet confirmed our reporting, with a source stating, "[Jolie] is absolutely not seeing anyone and will not be." Much as we stated a year ago, the insider added, "She will focus only on [her] children and being with them."

So, in the time that it took the Earth to once more revolve around the Sun, search engines and visitors got burned by a slew of fictitious articles from untrustworthy outlets about Jolie having a wealthy, secret British boyfriend. Not once in the entire year, however, did anyone ever identify this (fictitious) guy. Not surprisingly, HollywoodLies spun a slew of "exclusive" lies about the actress's mythical millionaire, including that Jolie was "prepping for a wedding" with him at the new home she had bought in Los Angeles. Of course, Gossip Cop debunked that falsehood and all the other fake news it concocted about Jolie and her nonexistent British beau.

Angelina Jolie dating British man


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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