Angelina Jolie “Breaks Her Silence” Tabloid Cover Story Is Made Up

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Angelina Jolie Brea Silence Star Magazine

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Brea Silence Star Magazine


A new tabloid cover story alleging Angelina Jolie has broken her silence about her divorce from Brad Pitt was made up. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news.

“Angie Breaks Her Silence! Brad Put Me Through Hell,” blares the cover of Star. The front of the issue is designed to make readers think Jolie suddenly spoke out about her failed marriage and actually made the comment about Pitt putting her “through hell.” This is a lie. First off, Jolie already broke her silence on the split in a BBC interview earlier this year, followed by a “Good Morning America” interview, as Gossip Cop reported in February. Second, she never uttered “Brad put me through hell” to Star or any other outlet.

As it turns out, the cover is a bit of a bait-and-switch. “Angelina Jolie may be ready to reveal the shocking details of her marriage imploded,” the tabloid writes inside the issue. In other words, the Oscar winner hasn’t actually broken her silence in the way the front of the edition claims. Rather, she “may” do so in the future.

“Angie’s finally feeling strong enough to talk about her ordeal,” a so-called “pal” alleges to the gossip magazine, claiming Jolie has “started to tell friends about how things fell apart because of Brad’s drinking and his failings as a father, and what really happened between him and Maddox on that airplane.” The outlet’s supposed source goes on to assert, “I hear she my even be writing a tell-all, and word is it could fetch as much as $20 million.”

The alleged tipster maintains to the tabloid, “I’m sure the revelations would be absolutely explosive… Her tell-all is going to be one juicy read.” The rest of the article is filled out with a rehash of what allegedly happened on that infamous flight, as well as purported details about the breakdown of the couple’s marriage. And what about the “Brad put me through hell” quote?

Well, it’s not written like that in the actual story. Instead, the aforementioned “friend” is merely quoted as saying, “She’s been through hell.” That’s far different than the cover line, which Star purposefully crafted to lure in consumers. But the whole thing is misleading and false, not just that part. Jolie didn’t break her silence to the magazine, and she’s not “ready to give her side of the story” in a tell-book. Gossip Cop is assured this cover story is completely made up.

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