Angelina Jolie “Breakdown” Made Up By Tabloid

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Angelina Jolie Breakdown

By Daniel Gates |

Angelina Jolie Breakdown

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Angelina Jolie is “falling apart,” says Life & Style in a story as absurdly wrong as several other recent reports from the tabloid about the actress-director. Gossip Cop can bust this nonsense, just like we busted the magazine’s claims in December that Jolie and Brad Pitt were in a relationship crisis, or this month’s allegation that Jolie had a secret “plot” to destroy Jennifer Aniston’s Golden Globes night.

According to Life & Style, being snubbed for Oscar consideration left the Unbroken director in dire straits. “[Pitt] is seriously worried that Angie is coming apart at the seams and is on the brink of a major breakdown,” a so-called “insider” tells the magazine. “She’s in a terrible place emotionally.”

Pitt is allegedly “doing everything he can, encouraging his exhausted and downbeat wife to eat — and having her former assistant come by the house to watch her when he’s out,” reports Life & Style. The outlet’s source explains, “He’s worried she’ll collapse and hit her head.”

Back in December, Life & Style published a nearly identical story about Jolie being on the “verge of a big breakdown.” That was completely made up. Apparently, after Jolie missed out on an Oscar nomination, Life & Style decided to re-run the same basic, wrong premise with a new twist. Tabloids have been predicting a Jolie “breakdown” and major health problems for a decade at this point. It’s just plain inaccurate. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop there’s “no truth” to the latest bit of Life & Style desperation.


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