Are Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper having secret sleepovers? That's what one of this week's tabloids is alleging. Gossip Cop can confirm there's no romance between the two stars.

According to NW, Jolie and Cooper have been enjoying "down-low date nights" at their Los Angeles homes. "Neither Bradley nor Ange like the spotlight, so they were hardly going to stroll hand-in-hand down Hollywood Boulevard," an alleged source tells the outlet. "It all started with a business meeting at Angie's place in Los Feliz two months ago." It's worth noting, the "insider" doesn't seem to know whether Jolie goes by "Angie" or "Ange," but that's the least of the problems with this phony story.

"Everyone's impressed at how they kept this secret for so long," adds the suspicious tipster. "Apparently there's been a lot of cloak and dagger. Bradley waits at his Pacific Palisades place until it gets dark - in case there are any photographers around - then jumps on his motorcycle." The supposed source goes on to say that Cooper speeds down the Los Angeles freeway until he arrives at Jolie's house and "slips right in unnoticed."

The seemingly phony source claims Brad Pitt has gotten wind of these secret hookups, and he's warning Cooper to "run for the hills." The questionable tipster adds, "Brad had the worst two years of his life after splitting from Ange. He's told Bradley that she's a poison chalice and to tread carefully."

Nothing about the tabloid's article is remotely true. Separate individuals connected to both Jolie and Cooper tell Gossip Cop the story is absurd. The two stars don't appear to know each other at all. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the first time a gossip magazine has attempted to create a fake love connection between the two A-listers.

New Idea kicked off this storyline earlier this month by falsely claiming a romance was developing between Jolie and Cooper after they supposedly crossed paths at Disneyland. The only accurate aspect of the story was that both stars were at the theme park on the same day. However, they went separately with their children, and there's zero indication they bumped into each other.

A few days later, Gossip Cop busted In Touch for falsely claiming Jolie was "on a mission" to date Cooper. She wasn't. And shortly after that, OK! Australia came up with some nonsense about Jolie using Cooper to cope with her son Maddox going off to college. This bogus saga has been created simply because both movie stars are currently single. They're not a couple and certainly aren't having any secret sleepovers.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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