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A new story about how Angelina Jolie didn't invite Brad Pitt to their daughter Zahara's birthday party is made-up, and Gossip Cop can prove it. The latest tall tale comes from a site that has been repeatedly shown to manufacture stories about the divorcing celebrities. Among the red flags are that the premise contradicts several of the blog's previous articles, and it's unattributed source's remarks are also inconsistent.

The phony article comes from HollywoodLife, a site so well known for fabricating stories that it's often referred to as HollywoodLies. The habitually discredited blog begins its report about Zahara's birthday on Tuesday by noting that "while Angelina Jolie made sure it was festive for her eldest daughter, she didn't include estranged husband Brad Pitt in on the celebration." The implication is that Jolie already threw a party for Zahara, who turned 14 on January 8.

Next, an unnamed and seemingly made-up "source" is quoted as saying, "Friends and family members are getting together for a small party Angie is planning." Wait, didn't the frequently disproven blog just claim "Jolie made sure [the birthday party] was festive for her eldest daughter," but "didn't include" Pitt? Did the party already happen or is it being planned? After that, the outlet's same anonymous and almost assuredly concocted "source" adds, "Angelina is happy to treat Zahara like a princess on her birthday."

Let's examine those two quotations. The first has the supposed insider saying, "Angie is planning" a birthday party for her daughter, while the second quotes the "source" as saying, "Angelina is happy to treat Zahara like a princess." No real person who's allegedly "close to" Jolie would alternately refer to her in one sentence as "Angelina" and then call her "Angie" in another phrase. Those aren't the words of an insider. They're the words that were put in the mouth of the purported "source" by a sloppy and questionable website, which has been caught on numerous occasions manufacturing fabricated narratives about Jolie.

Another tipoff that HollywoodLies made up its story is that it's so-called Jolie "source" is quoted as saying, "There's still lingering resentment for Angelina when it comes to Brad," and that "she still has a lot of animosity" towards him. While it's true Pitt and Jolie's divorce has been ugly, the alleged tipster's remarks contradict a slew of other stories that website has slapped together in the past few months.

In late September, for instance, Gossip Cop debunked a bogus report from that blog titled, "Angelina Jolie Admits She 'Regrets' Splitting From Brad Pitt." Just a few days later, we exposed the site again for its untruthful piece it ran with the headline, "Angelina Jolie Misses Talking To Brad Pitt." That was followed around a week afterwards with yet another work of fiction from HollywoodLies in which it asserted Jolie fears Pitt is "irreplaceable," and that she'll never "fill the void in her heart that Brad left behind."

A couple of weeks after that, the same website that now asserts she has "lingering resentment" and "animosity" for her estranged husband, ran with a story it titled, "Angelina Jolie's Life Is 'Empty' Without Brad Pitt In It — She 'Struggles' To Imagine Herself With Anybody Else." On the heels of that phony article, Gossip Cop busted the blog when it falsely claimed Jolie is fighting the urge" to call Pitt because she "misses the sound of Brad's voice." And then there was the inaccurate piece, "Angelina Jolie Still Fights Off Tears When Missing Brad Pitt."

All of those unquestionably wrong reports (and more) were posted by HollywoodLies in the span of just about one month (see below). And now the very same blog wants its visitors to believe it has an exclusive about Jolie planning Zahara's birthday party? It bears mentioning that while the untrustworthy outlet switches between making it sound as if the party already took place and is still being planned, its fake "source" offers no details or insight whatsoever about the proposed bash, including when or where it will take place. Lastly, individuals in Jolie's camp have repeatedly told Gossip Cop that HollywoodLife occasionally makes up fictitious stories that are simply "not true."

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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