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Is Angelina Jolie trying to steal Brad Pitt back from Charlize Theron? That's the premise of a new magazine article, which is filled with one falsehood after another. Gossip Cop can correct this completely untrue report.

New Idea, which has published a slew of provably inaccurate stories about the divorcing movie stars, now claims Jolie has "stolen" Pitt back from Theron, who's referred to as his "new love interest." To give insight into the fantasy world in which the tabloid operates, it begins its article by misrepresenting Pitt and Jolie's recent heated meeting in Beverly Hills as a casual "catch-up," during which they were "spotted sharing a drink with one another." Cooling down on water during an intense conversation is not meeting up for drinks.

And it doesn't get any better from there. The often discredited magazine then writes about how the meeting took place "just days after pictures of Brad and Charlize surfaced." The implication is that the two stars were caught by paparazzi sharing a private moment together. In reality, the "pictures" were nothing more than shots of Theron, Pitt and Adam Driver in an ad they did for Breitling watches half a year ago.

The publication then quotes a so-called "source" as saying, "The truth is Ange has been wild with jealousy ever since she found out about Brad and Charlize hooking up." The "truth"? The same unnamed and seemingly made-up tipster adds, "Knowing that Brad and Charlize are together and they're going to be the next big Hollywood power couple is too much for Ange."

Of course, as Gossip Cop has been rightly reporting for the past two weeks now, Pitt is 100 percent not dating Theron, and Jolie knows that, too. They did an advertisement for the luxury watch company six months ago, and have not seen each other since then, Pitt's rep has assured us. It's simply a false narrative being pushed by tabloids.

From there, the unreliable outlet pivots and asserts how "Angelina has really started to regret letting Brad go." The same questionable "insider" further alleges Jolie is "wooing him back," though cautions her "sinister plan" is only because she believes reconciling will help her career. Somehow or another the publication has missed how Jolie shot Maleficent 2, Come Away, and lent her voice to the One And Only Ivan. And just days ago, Jolie signed on to the thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead.

To recap: Basically everything in the tabloid's tale is wrong. Jolie is not trying to steal Pitt back. In fact, she's actively divorcing him. And significantly, Theron and Pitt are not a couple. Additionally, its depiction of the photos of Pitt and Jolie in an office as them catching up over drinks is an absurd fabrication.

It bears mentioning New Idea has a track record for publishing lies about Jolie and Pitt. For instance, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it wrongly maintained Jolie was dating and found love with a Cambodian musician and filmmaker named PraCh Ly. And for the longest time, it insisted Pitt was back together with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

A few months ago, for example, Gossip Cop shot down a cover story that inaccurately contended Pitt and Aniston were bringing up his children together. And just weeks ago, we exposed the same outlet for untruthfully claiming Aniston and Pitt were spending Christmas with his kids. At the time, her rep said, "Do readers actually believe this?" The answer is they shouldn't, nor should they believe the latest outlandish article about Jolie trying to steal Pitt back from Theron.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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