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Did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a "final showdown" before reaching a "truce" in their divorce battle? Those are the claims coming from a new tabloid cover story. But a rep for Pitt confirms to Gossip Cop that it's all untrue.

The cover of Woman's Day New Zealand dramatically announces, "Secrets & Lies: Brad & Ange's Divorce Fury!" Inside the issue, a headline exclaims, "Tears, Tantrums & A Deal: Ange & Brad's Divorce Truce." According to the accompanying article, the former couple's divorce will be "finalized in the next few weeks, but it took one final explosive fight before the furious pair could call a truce." A so-called "well-placed source" claims to the gossip magazine that Jolie and Pitt had a "showdown" after spending a "grueling 18 months" trying to settle their divorce.

"They had to get out their own anger with each other to finally get to a good place," contends the outlet's supposed snitch, who continues, "They came face to face, without their lawyers, and Ange told her ex she had some things to get off her chest. It was a screaming match for the books, with both of them yelling as only passionate artist-type parents can." Gossip Cop has no idea why the publication thinks "only passionate artist-type parents" can have such a "screaming match," but more curious is that it's never stated in the story just when and where this dispute allegedly occurred.

Instead of providing that pertinent information, the "source," who was perhaps hiding under a couch or in the closet, goes on to recount the purported conversation between the estranged spouses. "Ange told Brad it drove her crazy that he was swanning around Los Angeles all holier than thou [and] said if he would've listened to her and gone to rehab earlier, their marriage might've been saved, but he didn't do it until it was too late," alleges the tabloid's questionable insider. As for Pitt's side, it's claimed the actor "argued she should've been there for him when he was struggling, as she promised in her marriage vows."

At some unspecified point following the supposed "nasty spat," the magazine claims Jolie and Pitt "cooled off" and "agreed to work together to finalize their divorce and custody arrangements." The outlet deems it a "big step for the pair, who [weren't] on speaking terms" since Jolie filed for divorce and a child abuse investigation was sparked. The publication then cites an "insider," who is quoted as saying, "The terms of the divorce are now agreed. They are being finalized by both legal teams but will be filed within weeks."

But this full quote, which goes on at length in the story, is actually plagiarized from The Sun, which was the first to claim last week that Jolie and Pitt had reached a "truce" and were finalizing their settlement. As Gossip Cop reported then, however, that report about Pitt and Jolie settling their divorce was largely inaccurate, with a Pitt confidante telling us on the condition of anonymity that the claims were "total speculation," as there were no real "imminent" plans to finalize the divorce in a matter of weeks, as was alleged. Now Woman's Day has not only copied the misinformation, but embellished it even further with this tale about Jolie and Pitt having a "final showdown" before reaching this (nonexistent) "truce."

A rep for Pitt confirms to Gossip Cop that this argument described by the tabloid was entirely manufactured. Additionally, some of the claims in the article are easily contradicted. For instance, while the magazine maintains the stars hadn't been on "speaking terms" since the divorce filing, People reported more than a year ago that Jolie and Pitt were talking again and had communicated with each other directly. And though the outlet is making it seem like the actress and actor have spent a "grueling 18 months" at each other's throats, The Blast reported in February that Pitt and Jolie's settlement negotiations were "very amicable."

Between the plagiarism, the "showdown" a Pitt spokesperson confirms on the record is made-up, and the claims that are proven false by reporting from far more reputable outlets, it's evident the outlet's unidentifiable and untraceable "well-placed source" is either woefully uniformed or perhaps entirely invented. In either case, it's apparent this cover story has no merit to it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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