Angelina Jolie does not "regret ever starting a relationship" with Brad Pitt, contrary to a new claim. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth is actually quite the opposite: Jolie is grateful for the relationship because it led to the children whom she loves so deeply.

But HollywoodLife is blaring in a headline, "Angelina Jolie Wants Brad Pitt 'Out Of Her Life' For Good: She 'Regrets' Ever Starting A Relationship With Him." The site claims that amid "their nasty divorce and custody battle," Jolie is "regretting that she ever had a romance with the actor in the first place." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "The days of Angelina missing Brad have well and truly passed, all she wants now is for him to be out of her life, period."

Those are curious claims, in part because it was less than two weeks ago that this same blog insisted Jolie was fearing she'd never "replace" Pitt, particularly in the bedroom. In that piece, the website maintained that despite their ongoing issues, she is "still going to miss him — in more ways than one." Now pretending it never wrote that tall tale, the outlet refers to its latest untraceable source, who asserts, "Angelina really resents having anything to do with Brad, and wishes she could just forget he even exists."

To be fair, the alleged tipster acknowledges that "because of the children she's not allowed to do that, and he's going to have to remain a part of her life for at least the foreseeable future." But the online publication seemingly fails to realize that those children are exactly why Jolie would never "regret" ever having a relationship with Pitt, nor would anyone truly close to her actually express such a sentiment. While she had already adopted son Maddox by the time Jolie and Pitt became a couple, he was involved in the adoptions of both daughter Zahara and son Pax.

And, of course, Jolie and Pitt also have three biological children together: daughter Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne. Obviously, she would not have those kids if it wasn't for her relationship with the actor. So the notion that she's "regretting that she ever had a romance with the actor in the first place" would mean she regrets the children borne out of that romance. No parent feels that way no matter how messy the split. It is also not believable in the slightest that any real "insider" would make these claims, regardless of the animosity between Jolie and Pitt.

When Jolie split from her lawyer last week, People reported, "Angelina remains focused on healing her family." How would that entail having someone supposedly connected to her tell a gossip site that she regrets ever being in a relationship with their father? This phony HollywoodLife "exclusive" is wrong on multiple levels.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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