Angelina Jolie “Furious” Over Brad Pitt “Girlfriend” Neri Oxman?

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Neri Oxman Reaction

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Neri Oxman Reaction

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Is Angelina Jolie “furious” over Brad Pitt’s purported “girlfriend” Neri Oxman? New reports claim the actor is head over heels in love amid fears Jolie “could use” the supposed relationship “as bait to get custody of their kids.” But Gossip Cop can bust these seemingly made-up stories. As Pitt’s own rep has confirmed, Oxman is not his “girlfriend,” and the dynamic between them is professional.

But RadarOnline and the National Enquirer are claiming to have confirmed that Pitt and Oxman are in a “hush-hush relationship” and that he’s “over the moon about his new love.” Even though the supposed romance is “hush-hush,” the site and tabloid suspiciously cite a so-called “insider,” who is quoted as saying, “He’s so attracted to her and he’s telling pals she’s the sexiest woman he’s ever met.” This alleged tipster even contends Pitt “believes she could be his next wife.”

The blog and the magazine, however, warn that the purported relationship could “cost him in court” when it comes to his ongoing divorce and custody case with his estranged wife, who is described as “furious.” “Brad’s team is extremely concerned how Angie will react now that he’s openly seeing another woman,” another “insider” is quoted as saying. To be clear, the website and the publication went from calling the romance “hush-hush” to asserting Pitt is “openly seeing” Oxman. These two contentions are in direct conflict with one another.

The outlets go on to reference Jolie’s supposed “fury over his new relationship,” with one of the questionable sources claiming, “Brad’s team is absolutely terrified of what Angie will do now that Brad has found love first.” But these allegations don’t make sense. Jolie has no reason to have “fury” over a relationship that doesn’t actually exist. People even reported just a week ago that while Pitt is “happier” these days, he doesn’t have a “special someone” in his life right now.

Additionally, Page Six, which originally broke the news of Pitt’s link to the MIT professor, has specifically reported he and Oxman share a “professional friendship” that has “not turned into romance.” Pitt’s spokesperson has confirmed to Gossip Cop on the record that there’s no romantic relationship. Claims about the actor bragging that he finds Oxman “sexy” are not true. The notion that she is “set to be wife number three” is laughable and bogus. Currently, there’s nothing for Jolie to be “furious” over.

Tellingly, the site and its sister tabloid make no mention of Pitt agreeing to be Jennifer Aniston’s “baby daddy,” which is what they both claimed last month. How, exactly, does that fit in with his purported relationship with Oxman? The allegations are inconsistent from article to article and even within a single story, as pointed out above. The outlets’ claims also contradict reporting from far more reliable and credible publications. It should be easy for readers to see that these are false assertions.


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