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Angelina Jolie moving to New York with her six kids to get away from Brad Pitt? That's the claim in one of this week's celebrity magazines. Gossip Cop, however, can prove the story is 100 percent not true.

According to the latest issue of the National Enquirer, "Jolie is secretly plotting to uproot her brood and move from California to New York, thousands of miles away from [her] estranged hubby." To make it appear as if its report is legitimate, the supermarket tabloid quotes a so-called "source" as saying, "Angie wants to make a clean start in the Big Apple." "She doesn't really care if this makes it more difficult for Brad to see their children," adds the ill-informed or possibly manufactured "insider."

Of course, the premise makes no sense. Just this past June, the judge presiding over their divorce warned Jolie that Pitt must be allowed to see the kids more or she'd lose custody. If she were "secretly plotting" to take the kids away, and make it "more difficult for Brad to see their children," it's safe to say she would immediately lose custody and the supposed plan to start a new life in New York would completely backfire.

To fill out the rest of its article, and make it seem plausible that Jolie might unilaterally decide to relocate to New York, the magazine points out how two weeks ago she took her children to various events in Manhattan. It's mentioned how all the kids went to a screening of the Netflix film, The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, while just a handful of them accompanied her to the premiere of the documentary Serendity. The outlet also relates how the actress went on a college tour of NYU with her oldest son, Maddox, and took a few others shopping in the university's neighborhood.

But just because she visited New York with her family doesn't mean she's moving there. Last month, as a special Special Envoy for the UN Refugee Agency, Jolie visited Rohingya refugees who fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, and she's not moving there. In fact, last June Jolie bought late director Cecil B. DeMille's house for $24.5 million, planting her and her kids firmly in Los Angeles.

Then, towards the end of highly inaccurate article, the tabloid's same unnamed "source" further contends, "Angie wants to leave Hollywood behind, and Brad along with it." "Most people in the industry have sided with Brad, making it harder for her to find work," asserts the tipster without any proof whatsoever. As a result, maintains the supposed "insider," Jolie has decided to "pursue new opportunities in New York theater." The anonymous "source concludes the actress also "loves the idea of being close to Maddox at college, and getting back at Brad is icing on the cake."

The truth, of which there is little in the magazine's story, is that Jolie is not leaving Hollywood, nor is she having a hard time finding work. She can next be seen in Maleficent 2. Jolie wrapped production a few months ago on Come Away, and she's next slated to film Those Who Wish Me Dead. And it's also illogical that a woman devoted to her kids would want to drop everything for a career in theater, which typically means performing six nights a week away from the children, as well as additional afternoon matinees on Wednesdays and weekends.

Lastly, it hasn't even been established that Jolie's oldest child will attend NYU. But even if he does, the idea of her moving "close to Maddox" is also not in the best interest of her five other children. As noted above, the actress bought a home in Los Angeles, and would not turn her kids' lives upside by taking them away from their friends and activities in California.

Practically, everything claimed by the publication is provably wrong. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source in Jolie's camp, and we're assured it's all wrong. Jolie is not planning on moving to New York to get away from Pitt, nor would she ever jeopardize the custody of her children by doing that.

The Enquirer has a questionable track record when it comes to reporting about Jolie. Among the many falsehoods published by that supermarket tabloid was a piece two years ago about how Jolie was moving with her kids out of the United States. Employing similar language, the magazine and its phony "source" said then that Jolie was "hitting" Pitt "where it hurts" by "uprooting their kids to London." Obviously, that was a lie.

Then last year, Gossip Cop busted the often discredited outlet when it similarly insisted Jolie was moving to France with her six kids amid the custody battle with Pitt. In that wholly fictitious article, the magazine's seemingly fabricated source alleged Jolie was fleeing America because she "wants to make it as hard as possible for Brad to see their children." Sound familiar? It's practically the same quote used in the newly concocted story about the actress moving to New York to get away from Pitt.

To recap: The outlet has nothing to prove Jolie is moving to New York. Conversely, there's overwhelming evidence why it's untrue and would essentially torpedo her chances of having reasonable custody of her and Pitt's children. It's also clear she's not leaving film acting anytime soon, as floated by the publication. Equally significant, the tabloid has tried this bogus narrative twice before, and time has shown those tales to be false. For those reasons and others, Gossip Cop is giving the story a zero on our fact-or-fiction meter.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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