Did Angelina Jolie Move To New York To Escape Brad Pitt?

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By Laura Broman |

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Angelina Jolie did not move with her children to New York City to “escape” Brad Pitt, despite a bogus tabloid claim last year. Gossip Cop debunked that story as totally untrue. 365 days later, it remains as false as ever.

The National Enquirer ran a story on March 10, 2019, alleging that Jolie was planning to move her six kids to New York “to make a clean start” away from Pitt. “She doesn’t really care if this makes it more difficult for Brad to see their children,” a supposed “source” told the tabloid.

Gossip Cop looked into the story and found it to be transparently fabricated. In June 2018, it was reported that a judge had ordered that Jolie allow Pitt to see their children and forge relationships with them throughout the divorce proceedings. Court documents also warned that if Jolie did not comply with the decision, she would face losing custody to Pitt. Moving her kids across the country to “escape” him would be a pretty obvious violation of this order.

The passing year has revealed further developments in Jolie and Pitt’s divorce case that only serve to show how false this story was. Throughout 2019, multiple outlets that are considered far more reliable than the Enquirer reported that Pitt and Jolie have been working out how to co-parent. Last summer, ET Online reported that Pitt would be getting some quality time with the kids while Jolie was filming her upcoming movie, Those Who Wish Me Dead, in New Mexico. A visitation schedule had been created, with the children flying back and forth to L.A. to see their father and Pitt planning on flying to see them in New Mexico.

The month before that, ET Online reported that the newly-single Pitt and Jolie were developing a healthy relationship as exes. “There’s no more drama,” a source told the outlet. “They are and have always been focused on what is best for the children.” The source also stated in a previous article for ET Online that “now the kids spend time with both their parents and are happy and thriving.”

The Enquirer’s article was just another attempt by the tabloid media to turn Jolie into the villain of its imaginary world. Since Gossip Cop debunked this story last year, that trend has continued. There are too many to list here, but a recent example was the magazine’s extremely similar story in February alleging that Jolie was preventing Pitt from seeing the kids by purposefully creating scheduling conflicts. That one was obviously untrue, for the same reasons outlined here.

Earlier that month, Life & Style claimed Jolie was plotting to destroy Pitt’s relationship with Jennifer Aniston. Gossip Cop also busted that one: Jolie is not a nefarious villain, and Pitt and Aniston are not back together. These stories are just absurd. The tabloids need to drop this insulting and false narrative and allow Pitt and Jolie to work out their lives in peace.


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