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A new tale about Angelina Jolie missing Brad Pitt after finding one of his T-shirts in her home and crying as a result is not only 100 percent fabricated, but it also defies logic. Gossip Cop can once again expose a certain site for making up yet another fake news story about Jolie and Pitt. We're told none of this ever happened, and Jolie is not "grieving the loss of her marriage" to Pitt, who she's actually trying to divorce.

It should come as little surprise the latest manufactured article comes from HollywoodLife, a site that posts so many provably false stories it's actually nicknamed HollywoodLies. The premise behind the blog's latest questionable report is that Jolie found one of Pitt's "favorite white T-shirts" in luggage she had in her new home, and it triggered her to "burst into tears." An unnamed, untraceable and seemingly concocted "source" is quoted as saying that after holding onto and smelling the actor's alleged T-shirt, "all the memories came rushing back" and Jolie was swept up in "sadness." The emotions were so string, maintains the outlet, she's now "regretting her divorce."

The same almost assuredly phony "source" adds that whenever "something simple happens," Jolie goes "back to missing him." A skeptic might argue the repeatedly discredited site is just telegraphing how it plans to manufacture more of these types of articles. One can now easily imagine HollywoodLies asserting Jolie will again "miss" Pitt, having accidentally caught one of his movies on TV, for example. The possibilities and posts appear to be endless for the serial fibbers at that blog.

Towards the end of its highly suspect story, HollywoodLies relates how Jolie recently felt the urge to call Pitt, a claim Gossip Cop easily shot down just a few days ago. The blog also contends the actress feels her estranged husband may be "the last man she'll ever love." But what about that "mystery man" HollywoodLife repeatedly alleged Jolie was in a secret romance with for a good part of 2017 and 2018? Or how about Jolie's recent flirting with Sean Penn? Oh yeah, the website made-up those lies.

And somehow or another it may also be the only media outlet that doesn't know Jolie and Pitt's divorce and custody battle has been downright ugly, and they both want to move on from each other. Just a couple of months ago, Jolie blasted Pitt for allegedly not providing "meaningful" child support. Meanwhile, Pitt slammed Jolie's court filing about child support as an "effort to manipulate media coverage."

Equally important, a source in Jolie's camp has told Gossip Cop in no uncertain terms on several occasions that HollywoodLies' supposed exclusives about the actress are simply bogus. And this new story is no exception. A Jolie confidante calls this new tale "bizarre," and assures us it "isn't true."

The premise itself should have been the tipoff that the story is a complete fabrication. How did one of Pitt's T-shirts end up in Jolie's new home, considering the two have never lived in that house together? As widely reported, last spring Jolie bought Cecile B. DeMille's estate in Los Feliz and moved out of the place she, Pitt and the kids lived in nearby. Of course, wouldn't the actress have cleaned out everything in the new house last year, considering HollywoodLies swore up and down then that Jolie bought the home for her wedding to an unidentified "wealthy 40-something Brit"? Oh yeah , that was a lie, too.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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