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Does Angelina Jolie still miss Brad Pitt and feel "disappointment" over their marriage failing following their recent meeting? That's the claim from a site known for fabricating articles about the estranged spouses. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the false report, which not only doesn't have any proof to back up its new story, but also contradicts several of its previous tales.

On January 30, Pitt and Jolie were photographed having a tense discussion in a Beverly Hills office, as widely reported by several outlets. With that as its backdrop, an article was then slapped together by HollywoodLife, which is routinely referred to as HollywoodLies because of its reputation for posting completely manufactured stories. In an attempt to lend credence to its latest tall tale, the blog quotes a so-called "source" as saying the meeting between Pitt and Jolie left her "emotional."

The same unnamed, untraceable and seemingly made-up "source" then contends that Jolie "still misses" Pitt, and she was left with "feelings of disappointment" because their marriage is ending. It bears mentioning HollywoodLies has been pushing this false narrative about Jolie missing Pitt whenever it can, and Gossip Cop has repeatedly debunked that premise. Also, despite the site claiming its information is coming from Jolie and Pitt insiders, it frequently posts provably untrue stories about the two of them. Lastly, Gossip Cop has been assured on many occasions by both Jolie and Pitt's camps that no one in their inner circles is sharing anything remotely personal about them with that often discredited outlet.

As noted above, HollywoodLies has a well-established track record for publishing wholly fictitious reports about Jolie. For months on end, for example, the untrustworthy site that now claims she "misses" Pitt posted a slew of made-up articles about Jolie being in a secret romance with a mystery man, who she supposedly planned to marry. And before that, the blog maintained Jolie had dated Jared Leto. Of course, both of those tales were 100 percent manufactured and clearly untrue.

Actually, HollywoodLife makes up so many phony stories that it can't even keep track of its lies. It's interesting how the site now insists the Oscar-winning actress is disappointed her marriage didn't work out, and that she "still misses" her estranged husband, when just a few months ago it asserted Jolie wanted Pitt out of her life and regretted ever having a relationship with him. In that fabricated article, which contradicts the current one, the outlet quoted what it also alleged was a Jolie "source" as stating, "The days of Angelina missing Brad have well and truly passed."

The truth is Jolie doesn't regret having been involved with Pitt because they grew a family together. But their marriage fell apart, and she's moved on, as has Pitt. If anything, the paparazzi photos of them in that Beverly Hills office do not show a woman who misses her estranged husband. Rather, it's clear there's still quite a bit of hostility between the two.

Allow Gossip Cop to also point out how in court filings in August Jolie expressed her desire to be divorced from Pitt by the end of 2018. That obviously didn't work out. But in the intervening months, far from changing her course or feelings, the actress has been pushing ahead to end their marriage. Wouldn't it be nice if HollywoodLies finally put an end to all its fake stories about Pitt and Jolie?

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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