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A story alleging Angelina Jolie feels her life is "empty" without Brad Pitt is made-up. Gossip Cop can once again expose a particular website that has manufactured a new report asserting Jolie can hardly "envision" being with another man after Pitt. The fabricated article is from the same outlet that last year crafted a number of phony and contradictory tales about Jolie having a serious boyfriend. Regardless, we're assured the entire premise is "not true."

Once more, the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife have published another completely fictitious story about Jolie. By the second line of its new article it's abundantly clear that not only is the report fake, but also that HollywoodLies, as it's known, truly knows little to nothing about the actress and her life. In fact, its latest piece is predicated on how Jolie is becoming nostalgic for her time with Pitt as "the two-year anniversary since filing for divorce... approaches." The often discredited blog quotes what it calls "a source close to Angelina" as saying, with that milestone upcoming, "It's really dawned on Angelina recently how empty her life is without Brad in it."

Gossip Cop is going to stop right here and point out that the two-year anniversary of Jolie filing for divorce from Pitt already passed on September 19. As we have reported on numerous occasions, no one "close to Angelina" is sharing any personal information with that site, which routinely lies and publishes concocted stories about her. And it should be obvious that the outlet's supposed "source" was made-up because any Jolie insider (and a lots of non-insiders, as well) would have known the divorce filing happened in September 2016, not October or November 2016.

But that's not the end of the site's falsehoods or fabricated quotations. Next, the same bogus "source" maintains Jolie has accepted she and Pitt "will never be together again," and that's "a lot for Angelina to process." Somehow or another HollywoodLies seems to be the only outlet that doesn't know how Jolie pushed for the divorce, and has purportedly alienated Pitt from their kids' lives. As a result, in June a judge warned Jolie she was in danger of losing physical custody of her and Pitt's children if she didn't start giving him more access to them and making sure the kids retain a "strong and healthy relationship" with him.

Additionally, the blog can't even keep straight its previous lies. Just one month ago, the habitually wrong and untrustworthy site posted a story (also from a supposed "source close to Angelina") titled, "Angelina Jolie Wants Brad Pitt 'Out Of Her Life' For Good: She 'Regrets' Ever Starting A Relationship With Him." In that work of fiction, the Jolie "source" swore up and down, "All she wants now is for [Pitt] to be out of her life... Angelina really resents having anything to do with Brad, and wishes she could just forget he even exists."

HollywoodLies further buries itself when its unnamed, untraceable and almost assuredly nonexistent "source" says Jolie is concerned she'll "never meet somebody else again" and "struggles to imagine herself with anybody but Brad." The make-believe tipster adds how Jolie "can't envision" what her next man would be like." Fortunately, the creative writers at that website did it for her, having published a slew of provably untrue tales about Jolie having a secret romance with a mysterious man.

As Gossip Cop noted in several of our busts, the blog was certain the Oscar-winner was dating a British billionaire philanthropist, but didn't seem to know his name, how he made his money, where the actress supposedly met him, or even basic details like how tall he was, his hair color, or ANYTHING else. Notwithstanding, it still published numerous pieces about them, including how Jolie was "prepping for a wedding" at her new home with the nameless man. Also, while the website now claims she "struggles to imagine herself" with another man, it falsely asserted as well over the past two years that Jolie was hooking up with Johnny Depp and was dating Jared Leto

HollywoodLife makes up phony claims about Jolie and Pitt a lot. But what it doesn't do enough is publish accurate, verifiable stories about them. Both their camps have assured Gossip Cop on several occasions that the website just makes up tall tales about the divorcing stars. The latest article about Jolie feeling her life is "empty" without Pitt is just another example.

An impeccable Jolie insider once again tells us the newest tale is also "not true." As we've said before, if you want to read factual reports about Pitt and Jolie, keep coming back to Gossip Cop. But if you don't mind being fed absurd fiction, HollywoodLies produces plenty of it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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