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Is Angelina Jolie getting "revenge" on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston by "hooking up" with Justin Theroux? That was the claim published exactly one year ago today by one of the celebrity magazines. Gossip Cop noted back then it was all a fabrication, and now 12 months later, it's even clearer the entire tale was made-up.

On March 2, 2018, NW insisted Jolie was looking to get "revenge" on Pitt and Aniston, who it was alleged were seeing each other again. The tabloid reported the Oscar-winning actress's plan was to even the score with them by "hooking up" with Theroux. It further asserted it had a source who shared how Theroux was more Jolie's type anyway because he's "edgy," unlike "all-American Brad."

The same supposed tipster contended that while Jolie tried to dupe Theroux into believing she suggested they meet up to discuss collaborating on a movie, the actress's "ulterior motive" was nothing more than "revenge" on Aniston and Pitt. According to the publication, Theroux wasn't tricked, but he also didn't care that he was a "pawn in her game." At the time, the alleged source said Theroux "doesn't feel like he owes Jen anything."

Of course, it was never explained 365 days ago how the tabloid's supposed insider knew both Jolie's "plan," as well as Theroux's inner thoughts. Simply, as Gossip Cop reported last year, the entire article was bogus. For starters, Pitt and Aniston were not dating then, nor are they together now, which makes the entire narrative about Jolie trying to get "revenge" implausible and absurd. Also, a rep for the Tropic Thunder screenwriter told us last year the story about how Jolie wanted to date Theroux and use him to "get even" with Pitt and Aniston was all untrue.

In the intervening months since that work of fiction, NW hasn't gotten any better with its articles about Jolie, Pitt, and Aniston. In fact, Gossip Cop corrected so many of the publication's stories that we had a hard time narrowing them down. For instance, just weeks after the tale about Theroux and Jolie, we busted the tabloid when it bizarrely reported Pitt and Aniston got married in Paris.

A few months ago, the very same outlet claimed in all seriousness that Pitt was dating Jennifer Garner. One of the tabloid's anonymous sources alleged Pitt was attracted to how Garner is an action heroine like Jolie, but also has the "girl-next-door nature" of Aniston. Pitt's rep quickly shot down that falsehood to Gossip Cop.

And lastly, though there are dozens of other examples, the magazine recently maintained Aniston was dating Leonardo DiCaprio after being introduced by Pitt. Not mentioned in that ridiculous article was that DiCaprio was (and is still) dating model Camila Morrone. Also omitted was how the publication swore up and down a few months earlier that Pitt and Aniston exchanged vows in Paris. Regardless, a rep for Aniston told Gossip Cop on the record the story about her dating DiCaprio was also a lie.

When Gossip Cop revisits an article from the past it's to remind readers that they need to be wary of information in the tabloids. There should be little doubt at this point that NW is not a very reliable source of information about Aniston, Jolie, or Pitt. In this particular case, a full year was not even needed to show how the magazine's claim fell apart over time.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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