Angelina Jolie Battling Brad Pitt For Custody Because He’s Hooking Up With Jennifer Aniston?

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Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston Custody

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston Custody

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One of this week’s tabloids claims the reason Angelina Jolie is battling Brad Pitt for custody of their children is because she found out he’s secretly hooking up with Jennifer Aniston. The premise is completely ridiculous. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Earlier this month, Jolie filed court documents accusing her estranged husband of not paying any “meaningful” child support. Pitt’s lawyers denied the claim and said he’s given the actress more than $9 million since their 2016 split. The actor’s legal team further described Jolie’s accusations as a “thinly-veiled effort to manipulate media coverage.”

According to the Globe, Jolie only decided to lash out against her estranged husband in court after learning he’s been “sneaking off to hook up” with Aniston. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Angie’s been in an absolute fury. She feels she’s been betrayed by Brad and now, she’s out for revenge.” The supposed source adds, in unnatural language, “Bitter Angie wants to make him look bad, especially in front of their six kids.”

The untrustworthy magazine further contends that Pitt and Aniston have been “secretly meeting for steamy romps all summer” and are now “talking about getting hitched to each other again.” The outlet’s seemingly phony source adds, “Angie was screaming she didn’t want to be played for a fool. She’s convinced Brad’s been seeing Jen behind her back all along. That’s why she’s putting the screws to him!” But as Gossip Cop has reiterated countless times, Pitt and Aniston aren’t back together in any capacity. Reps for both stars have told us on the record several times that they haven’t reconciled.

Additionally, the notion that Pitt and Aniston have been meeting up all summer doesn’t make sense. Aniston has spent the majority of the summer in Europe filming the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery. Pitt has been shooting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in Los Angeles all summer. It’s impossible for two people on different continents to be having “secret hookups.” It’s also worth noting, Aniston’s friend Portia de Rossi confirmed to Us Weekly in June that she and Pitt “haven’t seen each other.”

Conclusion: Despite the Globe’s claims, Jolie and Pitt’s custody battle has absolutely nothing to do with Aniston. Pitt and Aniston have been busy shooting movies in different countries all summer and haven’t been spotted anywhere near each other. Spokespeople for both stars, in addition to one of the actress’s close friends, have also confirmed they’re not back together. Simply put, Jolie isn’t furious about Pitt and Aniston’s nonexistent hookups, and this imaginary scenario didn’t spark her recent court filings.

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Angelina Jolie is battling Brad Pitt for custody of their kids because he’s hooking up with Jennifer Aniston.


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