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Angelina Jolie wanted to drive Brad Pitt "nuts" by hooking up with one of her co-stars? That was the claim made by one of the tabloids exactly a year ago today. Gossip Cop noted it was 100 percent untrue at the time, and now 12 months later it's clear the magazine was simply peddling yet another fabricated report.

On May 4, 2018, Star swore up and down that Jolie was going to make it her mission to get under Pitt's skin by going after her one of her Maleficent: Mistress of Evil co-stars. The outlet even contended the Oscar-winner made sure Ed Skrein was hired for the movie because she thought the younger actor was "hot." To make its premise appear believable, the publication alleged it had a "source" who shared with the magazine that Jolie was not only going to openly flirt with Skrein, but also make sure that word spread about it so it would "drive Brad nuts."

The tabloid never explained its sixth grade logic behind why Jolie supposedly wanted Pitt to hear about her and Skrein. That, however, was the least of the article's problems. As Gossip Cop accurately maintained 365 days ago, Jolie actually had no interest in romantically pursuing her Maleficent: Mistress of Evil co-star or any other man for that matter. And, of course, no legitimate publications back then or now have reported anything about them ever having hooked up.

For the record, a source within Jolie's camp assured Gossip Cop last year (and still to this day) that her focus remains on her six children and career and not on dating. Additionally, other respectable news organizations have similarly confirmed neither Jolie nor Pitt have an interest in dating others these days. We weren't entirely surprised by the falsity of the story since the tabloid has consistently churned out other works of fiction about the actress. And in the year since it wrongly alleged she was looking to drive Pitt "nuts," the outlet hasn't become any more dependable with its articles about Jolie.

Having completely forgotten about Skrein, the tabloid made up a story just days ago about how Jolie is dating a rich businessman now that she's legally single. A few weeks before that, Gossip Cop exposed the magazine for falsely asserting Jolie was dating Sean Penn to get back at Pitt for being involved with Charlize Theron. In the real world, however, Pitt and the South African actress never dated, nor has Jolie been seeing Penn.

Prior to that tale, Star published a bogus cover story about how Jolie was stealing David Beckham from his wife Victoria. And before incorrectly linking her to Beckham, Gossip Cop busted the very same magazine when it insisted Jolie was secretly dating Jared Leto amid her divorce from Pitt. Basically, the outlet has spent the past year untruthfully tying Jolie to different men, with varying claims about how she wanted those purported relationships to affect Pitt. But each and every one of those articles was a lie.

As Gossip Cop has mentioned in the past, we occasionally revisit pieces from a year ago to show readers how stories have held up over time, as well as to help them suss out which outlets they can and cannot rely on for accurate information. In this particular case, there's no question the tabloid's tale about Jolie flirting with Skrein to make Pitt jealous was wrong. At this point, readers of that publication would be "nuts" to trust its reports about the actress.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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