Story About Angelina Jolie Fearing Brad Pitt Is “Irreplaceable” Is Made-Up

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Split

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Split

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A new story alleging Angelina Jolie fears Brad Pitt is “irreplaceable,” and that she won’t be able to “fill the void” by him, is not only made-up but it also completely contradicts several previous reports from the same outlet that manufactured this latest tale. Gossip Cop can easily correct this fabricated article. In fact, Jolie is pushing hard to divorce Pitt.

According to HollywoodLife, Jolie is “struggling to fill the space he left in her heart.” To back up its work of fiction, the site commonly referred to as HollywoodLies, disingenuously maintains that it has an insider “close” to Jolie who says the actress “fears that she will never be able to fill the void in her heart that Brad left behind.” The untrustworthy outlet contends that Jolie’s yearning for her estranged husband was “triggered by the recent rumors that Brad had started dating again.” In reality, the false reports recently linking Pitt to a handful of women is precisely what “triggered” the often discredited outlet to concoct its current article. As Gossip Cop has been assured on numerous occasions by Jolie’s camp, no one legitimately “close” to the Oscar-winner is feeding the blog with the falsehoods it publishes.

Curiously, the amnesiacs at HollywoodLies write that Jolie “hasn’t met anyone that she really clicked with that much.” It quotes its unnamed, make-believe “insider” as saying, “She certainly hasn’t come close to falling in love.” That’s funny because it was the same outlet that Gossip Cop habitually busted last year for churning out one manufactured article after another Jolie’s romance with a “mystery man,” who she was going to marry. But, as we rightly reported (and time has proven us correct), all those tales about Jolie and the supposed British mystery man were lies.

Angelina Jolie Lies


It’s also astounding that the website claims Jolie fears she’ll never fill “the void” left behind by Pitt and how the actress supposedly thinks he’s “irreplaceable,” because the same repeatedly debunked blog had a piece just a month ago, also from a source it identified as “close to Angelina,” who swore up and down that Jolie regrets ever starting a relationship with Pitt. As Gossip Cop has frequently illustrated, HollywoodLies crafts fictitious stories tied to the news at that time about Jolie and Pitt. In the past, the outlet has published bogus claims about how Jolie reacted to Pitt “dating” Neri Oxman, Ella Purnell, Ruth Negga and a slew of other women with whom he was never involved

The truth is Jolie quickly wants divorce to Pitt and be over with him, as much as she can while sharing custody of their six children. The premise about her suddenly doing an about-face and finding him “irreplaceable” because she’s heard “rumors” about him dating is nothing short of an absurdity. It’s simply part of the fake universe created by HollywoodLies to dupe readers.


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