A tabloid is painting Angelina Jolie as the villain in her divorce from Brad Pitt, but the story is filled with inaccuracies and reads more like a hit piece against the actress than it does like actual journalism. The divorce is quite complicated and the exes continue to battle over custody of their six kids, but the magazine's attempt at putting 100 percent of the blame on one party isn't fair or accurate. Gossip Cop can help clarify the situation.

"Why Angelina Tortures Brad" reads the headline of the latest cover of Us Weekly. Inside the issue is a four-page spread detailing how the actress is supposedly "desperate for revenge" against her estranged husband. It's been more than three years since the exes announced their split, but they haven't been able to finalize their divorce. According to the outlet, this is primarily due to Jolie's "public attacks, mind games and using the kids as a weapon against her ex."

An alleged insider tells the outlet, "Angie will catch Brad off guard by being super friendly and kind one minute, then cold and ruthless the next," adding that she'll often cancel Pitt's planned meetups with their kids. "It'll be all worked out, and the next day he'll get a call from one of her associates saying it's not possible, without an explanation."

These accusations aren't accurate. Although it's true there was a point last year when the actress was keeping her children away from their dad, a judge warned Jolie in June 2018 that she could lose primary custody if she didn't allow the kids to see their father. In the time since, deals have been put in place to allow Pitt to spend more time with his kids. There's nothing to indicate Jolie has defied any court orders or that she's putting a stop to his visitation rights.

From there, the tabloid insists Jolie is "never going to forgive Brad" for making her remain in Los Angeles with the kids and not allowing her to move abroad. This notion, while semi-true, is based on comments Jolie made in her recent Harper's Bazaar cover story. The actress said, "I would love to live abroad and will do so as soon as my children are 18. Right now I'm having to base where their father chooses to live." Us Weekly describes the actress's sentiment as a "pointed dig" against her ex, but she was simply answering a question about her living situation. The ongoing custody negations haven't been ideal for either Jolie or Pitt, but the actress's interview wasn't a form of "public shaming," as the outlet describes it.

The tabloid concludes its attempted takedown of Jolie by delving into both her and Pitt's love lives. First, the magazine wrongly reports Pitt had "quietly dated" Charlize Theron before briefly moving on to spiritual healer Sat Hari Khalsa. The actor never dated either woman, as his rep confirmed, and Gossip Cop debunked that storyline when Us Weekly first pushed it back in September. The outlet further contends that Jolie "has been on a few dates, but nothing serious." The tabloid doesn't bother to elaborate on who these "dates" were with or when they took place, and that's because the actress has been focused on her kids and her career. She hasn't dated anyone since her 2016 split.

Gossip Cop checked in with an individual in Jolie's camp, who tells us the publication's cover story is fabricated. It doesn't seem Us Weekly has any actual insight into the actress's messy divorce from Pitt. Instead, the magazine is skewing what's been reported about their custody case - as well as twisting the actress's own words - in an effort to create this narrative about Jolie being the bad guy. The situation is way more complicated than that.


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