Angelina Jolie Preparing “Dirt Diary” For Brad Pitt Divorce Is Late And Wrong Story

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Angelina Jolie Dirt Diary Divorce Court

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Angelina Jolie Dirt Diary Divorce Court

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An online story about Angelina Jolie preparing a “dirt diary” to use in her divorce case with Brad Pitt is both late and wrong. Gossip Cop already set the record straight on this topic days ago. Now we can do so again, as the misinformation is continuing to spread.

On July 6, RadarOnline posted an article claiming Jolie kept a “dirt diary” about Pitt that she now planned to use against him. It was alleged she intended to “paint her life with Brad as a living hell” and “blow their bitter custody battle wide open.” Contending the purported journal would be “very damaging to Brad’s custody hopes,” it was asserted Jolie was “calling it her trump card.”

Gossip Cop took some time to investigate the merits of the report, and we were able to bust it on July 8. As we pointed out, if Jolie actually had documentation proving Pitt was an unsuitable father, she would have already presented it to the court. Pitt was cleared in a child abuse investigation in 2016. If Jolie had substantial evidence against him, she would’ve used it then to ensure she was awarded permanent primary custody. She wouldn’t have waited until 2018 and until after a summer custody agreement granted Pitt more time with their kids to make such a move.

The premise of the story was inherently flawed. In addition, by her own admission, the actor is a good parent. Asked in a 2017 “Good Morning America” interview whether she still thought Pitt is a “wonderful father,” Jolie replied, “Of course.” As opposed to being a “trump card,” this scheme would likely present credibility issues if the actress now went against her past comments and revealed she had evidence that she had supposedly kept hidden before.

Despite the holes throughout the article that indicated it was nothing more than a sensational fabrication, the National Enquirer is now running the debunked claims on its website on July 12. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “The way things are shaping up, she’ll have no option but to pull out the diary if she wants to win this custody battle.” That seemingly fictitious line was also used in the original version of this narrative.

Yet the supermarket tabloid has no new proof to back the contentions up, nor was any proof presented in the first place to substantiate these allegations. But in spite of this storyline being both unsupported and refuted, it is wrongly being spread anew. And it should be called out again in order to ensure fans get the truth.


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