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A new story about Angelina Jolie being "rocked" by Brad Pitt "dating rumors" is made-up. Gossip Cop looked into the claim and has learned it's entirely untrue. We're told Jolie has no thoughts about or reaction to the inaccurate reports linking her estranged husband to Sat Hari Khalsa, a jewelry designer and spiritual healer.

According to HollywoodLife, a website known for fabricating stories, Jolie "doesn't want to hear" the "rumors" about Pitt "moving on" with Khalsa. The blog, which is sometimes referred to as HollywoodLies, then repeats how the actress has supposedly "heard the rumors" and "buzz" before having its so-called "source close to" Jolie contend, "Angelina is rocked by the rumors of Brad dating someone new." The same seemingly phony insider maintains that Jolie "does not like to hear about it and would rather not know about Brad's personal life."

"Whether the rumors are true or not makes no difference to Angie," continues the same questionable tipster who just a sentence before called the actress "Angelina." The almost assuredly fake "source" adds, "It is still clear to her that she still has feelings for her ex... she still misses Brad." What's actually "clear" is that HollywoodLies manufactured the article because of the rampant "rumors" about her estranged husband and the spiritual healer after they were photographed at an event on September 29 for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. But as Gossip Cop has already exclusively reported, Pitt is not dating Khalsa.

Then there's that sloppiness in which the seemingly made-up "source" can't remember whether his or her "close" friend is called "Angie" or "Angelina." Additionally, the assertion that the Oscar-winning actress has "misses" her estranged husband is patently absurd. As widely noted, Jolie and Pitt are locked in a bitter divorce and custody battle.

More significantly, an actual Jolie confidante assures Gossip Cop that she pays no attention to bogus website reports. Our impeccable insider tells us the actress is "focused on her kids" and their well-being. The rest of what's often claimed, says our source, are just falsehoods.

Actually, on a near daily basis, HollywoodLies comes up with fabricated (and easily disproven) narratives tied to that day's most talked about entertainment stories, irrespective of whether or not they're true. Earlier in the year, for example, after there were a slew of inaccurate reports about Pitt hanging out with Jennifer Aniston, HollywoodLife made up a number of tales related to those untrue claims. One particularly phony article from that blog swore up and down Jolie was "jealous" of Pitt meeting up with Jennifer Aniston. Of course, that was indisputably a lie since the two exes haven't seen each other in a very long time, their reps have told Gossip Cop.

In fact, the website makes up so many lies that it can't even keep them straight and they often contradict themselves. For instance, while the outlet now asserts the actress "rather not know" and "doesn't want to hear" about her estranged husband, last year Gossip Cop busted the blog when it untruthfully contended Jolie "wants to know exactly what Brad is up to at all times" and even gets Google alerts to keep "tabs on him." And just last month, HollywoodLies first alleged Jolie "regrets" her relationship with Pitt and wants him "out of her life" for good, followed a few days later by a diametrically opposite article about how Jolie regrets her split from Pitt and "misses" having him in her life.

If you want to read fiction about how Jolie is "rocked" by Pitt "dating rumors," HollywoodLies is the place for you. But if you prefer rock-solid facts about Brangelina, you've always got Gossip Cop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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