Angelina Jolie Worried About Brad Pitt Using Her Past Drug Scandal To Win Custody Of Kids?

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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Custody Drugs

By Andrew Shuster |

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Custody Drugs


A tabloid claims Angelina Jolie is worried about Brad Pitt using her past drug usage against her to win custody of their six kids. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct it.

Back in 2010, a man named Franklin Meyer, who claimed to be Jolie’s former drug dealer, sold photos of the actress while she was allegedly on a cocaine bender in the late ’90s. According to NW, Meyer has more footage of the actress using illicit substances and plans on releasing it amid her divorce battle.

“Having Franklin rear his ugly head again with threats to release more sordid details of her past is the absolute last thing Ange needs right now,” a supposed source tells the magazine. “It’s hugely embarrassing since those days of being some scabby drug-dependent young girl are long behind her.”

The suspicious insider further contends that Jolie “fears Brad can and will use anything negative about her, including her wild days of wayward youth, to prove she’s an unfit mother.” The seemingly phony source goes on to assert Pitt would “celebrate any new chance to take her down” as his estranged wife has “done such a number on him the past few years, making him look like an addict with anger issues. This could be just the ticket he needs to drag her back down to earth.”

There are several issues with the magazine’s bogus article. For starters, Meyer hasn’t been threatening to release new footage of Jolie, despite what the tabloid claims. The last time he spoke publicly about the actress was in a July 2014 interview with RadarOnline. Meyer hasn’t come forward since, and there’s no indication he’s planning to do so now.

Additionally, the photos of Jolie allegedly using drugs have been in circulation for more than a decade, and they haven’t impacted her custody or divorce negotiations in any way. The actress has very been open about her past issues, but she turned her life around a long time ago and has since become a staunch humanitarian, not to mention a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Despite the publication’s story lacking logic and evidence, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the actress, who tells us it’s completely untrue. Jolie isn’t worried about Pitt winning custody by using decades-old footage of her possibly strung out on drugs. As noted above, it’s unclear if new footage even exists. Even if that were the case, tapes of Jolie using drugs several years before becoming a mother and being involved with Pitt would almost assuredly have no impact on her custody negotiations.

It should be noted, Gossip Cop has debunked similar storylines in the past. Back in 2016, we called out In Touch for wrongly reporting that Pitt would be using Jolie’s old psychiatric records to win custody of their kids. Prior to that, RadarOnline falsely claimed Pitt had damaging tapes of Jolie that he planned to use against her in court. This ongoing saga is baseless.


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