Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt “Custody Crisis” NOT Over “Girlfriend” Neri Oxman, Despite Claim

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Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Custody Neri Oxman

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Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Custody Neri Oxman

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The “custody crisis” between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is not over his purported “girlfriend” Neri Oxman, despite a false claim. Gossip Cop can debunk this allegation, which is wrong on multiple levels. Pitt is not dating the MIT professor, and their non-romance has nothing to do with his custody issues with Jolie.

Earlier this week, it was revealed by The Blast that there’s a new custody arrangement for Pitt and Jolie’s children when it comes to the summer. A judge overseeing the family’s case determined that the actor is allowed visitation with their kids in London, where Jolie is filming Maleficent 2, and that the brood will also take a trip back to Los Angeles in late July for more time with Pitt. According to the ruling, Jolie was advised by the judge to facilitate Pitt’s relationship with the kids, or risk losing physical custody of them. Oxman was not mentioned at all, because she’s a total non-factor in the proceedings.

But the National Enquirer is now announcing on its website, “Angelina Jolie Custody Crisis Over Brad’s Girlfriend.” Bizarrely, just below that, the supermarket tabloid refers to Pitt as a “single actor” (see screenshot below). How does he have a “girlfriend” then?

According to the story, before the judge’s order was issued, Pitt and Jolie’s “peace treaty had been blown by Brad’s new love, Neri Oxman.” The magazine alleges Pitt “broke their secret agreement not to introduce the kids to new loves until after their divorce was settled.” Gossip Cop already debunked this storyline, twice actually.

The outlet first peddled an article in its print edition that claimed Jolie “exploded” after learning Oxman had met their kids. Then a week later, the online version of this narrative contended Pitt broke a “divorce deal” with Jolie by introducing Oxman to the kids. None of this was true. We outlined ample proof that Pitt and Oxman were not dating, and that she hadn’t met the children via a FaceTime session, as was falsely alleged.

Now there’s even more evidence that the actor and the professor are not in any type of romance where she’d be communicating with his children or where his custody agreement would be affected. Oxman is still dating her billionaire boyfriend, Bill Ackman, and stepped out with him in Paris earlier this month. Additionally, People has a new story that notes Pitt is “doing great,” but “isn’t in a relationship” with Oxman. Of course, that backs up what Gossip Cop has rightly said all along.

Conclusion: Simply because there’s new information about Pitt and Jolie’s custody arrangements, the National Enquirer is baselessly trying to connect the development to his non-romance with Oxman. As noted above, the MIT professor was not mentioned in the latest court filings. A statement from Jolie’s spokesperson on the custody situation with Pitt didn’t mention her either. And the regurgitated claims about Oxman meeting their kids and thereby upsetting Jolie were already debunked with transparent proof. There’s no disputing the estranged spouses are at odds, but it’s apparent that Oxman has nothing to do with this “custody crisis.” The tabloid’s take is completely wrong.

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