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When Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt nearly two years ago, the rumor mill went wild. Much misinformation spread in the immediate aftermath of their split, and though the tabloids have continued to churn out false stories, the gossip media has really ramped things up again now that the former couple's custody battle is worsening. Below, Gossip Cop separates fact from fiction amid the latest developments.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie is calling off her divorce from Brad Pitt to end their custody battle, according to the Globe.
FACT: The supermarket tabloid alleged Jolie believed the only way to ensure she would get to keep full custody of their six kids would be to get back together with her estranged husband. "She's doing her best to mend her fractured relationship with Brad and become a family again," a supposed insider was quoted as saying. But as Gossip Cop reported, the actress hasn't had any intention of romantically reuniting with Pitt for any reason.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie collapsed from stress of the custody battle, according to the National Enquirer.
FACT: The tabloid, a sister outlet to the Globe, deceptively designed a cover story that purported to show Jolie fainting during a humanitarian trip to Iraq weeks prior. The Oscar winner did indeed go to Mosul, but the "collapse" pictures featured weren't from then. As Gossip Cop pointed out, the magazine purposely misled readers by using photos of Jolie doing stunts for the movie Wanted in 2007. This wasn't evidence of a recent health crisis. It was the star playing pretend more than a decade ago.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie is going to use a "dirt diary" against Brad Pitt, according to RadarOnline.
FACT: The site wanted readers to believe Jolie secretly kept a "vivid account" of her "explosive marriage" to Pitt and was now ready to share it in an effort "to blow their bitter custody battle wide open." A so-called "source" maintained the "diary" would be "very damaging to Brad's custody hopes," and that Jolie was "calling it her trump card." Gossip Cop explained, however, that if she really had such material, she would've presented it to the judge already to prove her ex was an unfit father. But she hadn't provided any such evidence to date, which is why the court granted Pitt more time with their children and encouraged Jolie to facilitate a better relationship between the kids and their father.

FICTION: Brad Pitt is going to use an alleged child predator against Angelina Jolie, according to RadarOnline and the National Enquirer.
FACT: The site and its sister publication peddled virtually identical stories claiming that upon learning someone Jolie had once crossed paths with at a United Nations event in 2014 was recently arrested for child sex crimes, Pitt "hit the roof over fears she may have exposed their kids" to the alleged criminal. It was said friends were now "urging him to really play this up as part of his bid for full custody." But Gossip Cop's investigation uncovered that Pitt was with Jolie at that particular global summit, meaning he was just as connected to the man as she was. Additionally, the notion that a judge would penalize Jolie for a single association with someone who later allegedly committed crimes was preposterous.

FICTION: Jennifer Aniston feels "horrible" about Brad Pitt's custody battle with Angelina Jolie, according to HollywoodLife.
FACT: The blog claimed to have an "exclusive" about how Aniston was "#TeamBrad" and "taking his side" as Pitt and Jolie battled. "Knowing Brad as well as she does, Jen is in agony over the pain Brad must be going through fighting with his ex just to be with his own kids," an untraceable "source" was quoted as saying. It was readily apparent the website was just trying to capitalize on all the interest in the custody battle by pretending to have related insight. Aniston's rep even told Gossip Cop that the article was "just another example of a gossip outlet making up a story for clickbait."

FICTION: Brad Pitt was dumped by Neri Oxman due to his custody battle with Angelina Jolie, according to RadarOnline.
FACT: The online publication claimed the MIT professor ended things with Pitt because she was "scared off" by his ongoing drama with Jolie. An unidentifiable insider asserted, "Dating Brad was creating enough stress and headlines, but once Angie made it clear the custody battle was going to become a circus, Neri was out!" In actuality, as Gossip Cop has already reported multiple times, stories about Pitt and Oxman dating were wrong to begin with. They never had a romantic relationship, so this latest tale was not only untrue, but baseless.

FICTION: Jennifer Aniston is "ecstatic" over Angelina Jolie's "divorce drama" with Brad Pitt, according to RadarOnline.
FACT: The site alleged the "Friends" star was "delighted to see" Jolie "suffering" and supposedly hitting "rock bottom" as the custody battle with Pitt worsened. A so-called "insider" claimed, "This is a woman Jen views as pure evil, so is she happy to see her miserable and getting the payback she deserves? You bet she is." The day before this narrative was published, Jolie was photographed smiling while out with the kids, so she obviously wasn't spending her hours in misery. Regardless, a spokesperson for Aniston remarked to Gossip Cop that the claims she was finding glee in Jolie's woes were "just more rubbish."

FICTION: Angelina Jolie hired a "reputation guru" to repair her image amid public battling with Brad Pitt, according to Woman's Day.
FACT: The magazine cited an insider, who supposedly divulged, "She's realized that her legal team's tactics aren't working and are in fact turning everyone against her." To that end, it was alleged Jolie had hired Michael Sitrick, who previously worked with Chris Brown and Harvey Weinstein, to do damage control. It was even said the crisis manager was encouraging Jolie to personally sit down with Pitt and make peace. There was one pretty big problem, though: Sitrick himself confirmed to Gossip Cop that Jolie was "not a client."

FICTION: Brad Pitt is angry over Angelina Jolie's bodyguard "playing dad" with their kids, according to Woman's Day.
FACT: The tabloid seized on pictures of Jolie and some of the children being accompanied by a security guard as they shopped, contending Pitt was "worried" he was being replaced because "this guy is hugely important in [her] life and the children absolutely adore him too." But in reality, it had already been reported that the Jolie-Pitt lifestyle includes multiple bodyguards, not just a single "guy" spending all his time with the kids, with the actor often footing the bill. Pitt's rep also told Gossip Cop it was untrue he was bothered by someone hired to protect his children.

FICTION: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh is planning to do a divorce tell-all, according to Woman's Day.
FACT: An alleged insider supposedly said of the 12-year-old, "She's been biting her tongue for a long time and has been longing to speak out for the last few months. But after Angelina's recent stunt to try to paint her dad in a bad light, something snapped in her and she really wants to tell everyone just how much she and her siblings miss Brad and want him back in their lives." Curiously, it was never said in the article what form this "tell-all" would take, and given that she's a minor, her parents would need to sign off on any such project. Perhaps that's why a spokesperson to Pitt commented to Gossip Cop that the premise of this storyline made "no sense." And, proving that mother and daughter were still on good terms, Shiloh had just stepped out for a movie day with Jolie right before these obviously phony claims were made.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie is pushing for a "quickie" divorce from Brad Pitt because she wants to marry an English billionaire, according to In Touch.
FACT: The tabloid did a cover story alleging the real reason Jolie was filing court motions about dissolving her marriage to Pitt was because she wanted to tie the knot with "husband No. 4." Pitt, meanwhile, was described as "dead set" against her plans because of how it would affect their kids: "He's trying to repair his relationship with them. The last thing he needs is a billionaire who wants a trophy wife swooping in." Of course, as Gossip Cop explained, this supposed groom-to-be didn't actually exist. This was a bogus scenario the magazine returns to over and over, including last November, when the outlet falsely announced a secret wedding for Jolie. At no point has there been evidence that this beau is anything but a work of fiction.

FICTION: Angelina Jolie is battling Brad Pitt for custody because he's hooking up with Jennifer Aniston, according to the Globe.
FACT: After its flub about Jolie supposedly calling off the divorce, the outlet concocted a new narrative, this one claiming she was "out for revenge" upon learning Pitt has been "sneaking off to hook up" with Aniston. In suspiciously unnatural language, an alleged insider maintained, "Bitter Angie wants to make him look bad, especially in front of their six kids." As Gossip Cop pointed out, though, Pitt and Aniston have spent the summer in different countries as they shoot separate film projects. Obviously, then, it's impossible for them to have been hooking up. This nonexistent romance has nothing do with Jolie's court filings.

FICTION: Jennifer Aniston is helping Brad Pitt get his kids back in a court battle with Angelina Jolie, according to NW.
FACT: It was claimed the actor was "ensuring he gains permanent joint custody by unleashing a secret weapon in court," the "OG Mrs Pitt," who supposedly offered to "take the stand to defend the devoted dad." A so-called "insider" asserted about Aniston, "She's more than willing to stand up as a character witness and reiterate that Brad is a dedicated, responsible dad who lives a clean and sober life." Notably the publication said nothing about Pitt and Aniston being married again, which is what it alleged in a March cover story. As Gossip Cop explained, the tabloid also overlooked the fact that when Aniston and Pitt divorced in 2005, they didn't have any kids, and she has never personally "witnessed" him as a "devoted dad" in the time since. They have both also criticized each other while discussing their marriage over the years, so Aniston would have no basis for offering positive, relevant testimony.

Gossip Cop previously did a fact vs. fiction roundup following the news of Jolie and Pitt's summer custody agreement in June. As the above recap shows, a lot of has been written in the two months since then, much of it inaccurate. And as this dispute will likely carry over into the fall, Gossip Cop will continue to tell fans what's real and what's untrue rumor as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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