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A new report claims amid Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's custody battle the actress doesn't want her estranged husband in their six children's lives "at all," but it's false. Gossip Cop is told by a Jolie insider that it's "not true," and that she wants Pitt to have a "reunification" with the kids. Whatever the issues they still have, and there are a bunch, Jolie ultimately wants what's best for their children, which is a relationship with Pitt.

The new allegation that Jolie wishes Pitt "didn't have to be a part of their lives at all," comes courtesy of HollywoodLife, a site so well known for fabricating stories that it's nicknamed HollywoodLies. According to the blog's supposed "source," Jolie "wants nothing to do with Brad anymore, and therefore she doesn't want the children to have anything to do with him either." Curiously, the often discredited site maintains, "This isn't a sudden development," but rather how Jolie has felt "ever since they split."

In case you don't recall, the same outlet previously asserted, Jolie wanted to get back together with Pitt. It's also the same outlet that falsely claimed Jolie would drop her divorce from Pitt and "welcome Brad back with open arms" because she "definitely has regrets about splitting" from him. Clearly, its sources aren't that reliable or consistent.

Still, the blog quotes its tipster now as saying, "Angelina and Brad used to clash over parenting when they were together," and it has gotten worse now that they're "no longer in a relationship [because] she has no control over what he does with the children when they are with him." The so-called "source" adds that Jolie has "more anger towards him now than she had when they first split up." Naturally, HollywoodLies doesn't explain why the Oscar-winner's "anger" has supposedly increased exponentially, other than its "source" asserting, "Angelina is used to getting her own way, and she can't stand being told what to do with her children," especially by a "thorn in her side" like Pitt.

Of course, Pitt and Jolie were together for more than a decade and co-parented for a good part of that time. In fact, even after she filed for divorce, during an interview in which she promoted First They Killed My Family, Jolie told "GMA" that Pitt is a good dad. She even reiterated during that segment, "We will always be a family." It's true their custody battle has been very tough, but Jolie has repeatedly acknowledged Pitt is a "wonderful father."

Since we fact-check every story, Gossip Cop spoke with a Jolie source, who was not authorized to comment on the record but assured us that despite the difficult terrain that comes with a divorce and working out custody, Pitt's "reunification with the kids" remains part of Jolie's "goal" as well. Our impeccable insider flat-out called HollywoodLies' latest article "not true."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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