Angelina Jolie Health NOT ‘Deteriorating’ Amid Brad Pitt Custody Battle, Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Health Custody Brad Pitt

By Andrew Shuster |

Angelina Jolie Health Custody Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie’s health is not “deteriorating” amid her custody battle with Brad Pitt, despite a report that’s both late and wrong. Gossip Cop debunked this premise when it emerged last week. We can once again set the record straight.

Gossip Cop recently busted Star for making up a story about Jolie weighing “73 pounds and hanging by a thread” amid her contentious divorce and fight for custody of her six kids. The bogus story included a passage about the actress’s diet consisting of ice cubes and nibbles of pretzels. It was further alleged that Jolie was an “emotional wreck” and has never looked so “fragile.”

Not only did a source close to the actress assure Gossip Cop the story was nonsense, but she’s been spotted looking happy and healthy a lot as of late. Last month, for example, Jolie went hiking in the Hollywood Hills with several of her children. As we also pointed out, the actress has a busy work schedule when she’s not caring for her six kids. Jolie just wrapped filming Maleficent 2 in London and is currently shooting the fantasy movie Come Away in Los Angeles. It would be nearly impossible for the actress to balance her family and work commitments if she were truly unhealthy.

Unfortunately, Celebrity Insider decided to recycle the tabloid’s phony story. The site writes, “Jolie’s health is rapidly deteriorating because of the stress of the divorce, and that she is down to an astonishing 73 pounds as she copes with the possibility of losing the custody war.” The blog goes on to say that the actress “is having trouble juggling her professional life while raising all six of her children.”

Once again, the actress is shooting back-to-back movies and is frequently photographed out and about in Los Angeles with her children. She appears to be juggling it all quite nicely. Still, the unreliable website contends that Jolie is going through a “roller coaster of emotions” that has “shredded her health and left her skinnier than ever.” As we noted in our original bust, the actress has always been thin, even while she and Pitt were still together. This ongoing saga about Jolie’s divorce impacting her health is baseless.

Meanwhile, Celebrity Insider has been known to regurgitate false stories without fact-checking them. In August, the blog spread a RadarOnline article claiming that MIT professor Neri Oxman dumped Pitt because she got “scared off” by his custody battle with Jolie. Not only did Gossip Cop debunk that story when it first emerged, but Oxman confirmed in a New York Times profile this week that she never dated Pitt. This latest article surrounding Jolie’s health is similarly late and wrong.


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