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Angelina Jolie did not cheat on Brad Pitt with a teacher back in 2009, despite a bogus tabloid report based on a story that was debunked years ago. Gossip Cop can set the record straight on this resurfaced nonsense. It's completely fabricated.

Back in January 2010, In Touch published a false cover story (see below) claiming Jolie had an affair with one of her dialect coaches while shooting the spy movie Salt in the summer of 2009. The allegation came from a woman named Anna Kowalski, who was said to be a housekeeper at New York's Waldorf Astoria, where the actress allegedly had the affair. There was no truth to the accusations.

Shortly after the article was published, a spokesperson for the Waldorf Astoria told E! News that no one named Anna Kowalski worked as an employee at the hotel. For whatever reason, Star has now decided to dig up this old, phony narrative. This week's issue of the magazine reiterates the claim that one of Jolie's dialect tutors, "a tall, dark-haired man," made frequent late-night visits to her hotel suite in 2009.

As the story goes, when the housekeeper later went to clean Jolie's room, she discovered "incriminating evidence of a torrid tryst." It's said that the actress's suite was filled with candles, orchids and empty vodka bottles. The unreliable outlet also quotes Kowalski as saying, "The bed was covered with black rubber sheets and there were sex toys on it." Once again, the Waldorf-Astoria denied Kowalski was a housekeeper.

Now, another alleged "source" tells Star that Pitt could use his estranged wife's alleged infidelity "as leverage in his fight to get joint custody." The supposed source adds, "Brad's had his name dragged through the mud, both as a father and a husband, and he's reached his limit. This is his chance to go on the offensive." The phony tipster further contends that Jolie is "freaking out" over the situation because she's "desperate to get full custody, and a tawdry affair would blow her case apart." However, adultery generally does not affect custody in divorce cases in California.

Of course, in addition to neglecting the law doesn't support its story, the untrustworthy tabloid fails to mention that this entire narrative is based on a nearly decade-old rumor that was debunked when it first emerged. The publication randomly unearthed this untrue storyline, then added another fake angle surrounding Pitt and Jolie's custody negotiations. It should be noted, the exes are working amicably to hash out an agreement.

As it was established back in 2010, Jolie never cheated on Pitt with a dialect coach. The fictional storyline is just being recycled now that the former spouses are no longer together. See a screenshot of the old version of the cover story below.

Angelina Jolie In Touch Affair

(In Touch)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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